Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just warming up..

This blog has been so long outdated..It's not like nothing interesting happens it's just that there's so many things going on that i feel like there's no time for me to write it all out..Just tonight i feel like writing..Maybe i should post about the delicious lasagna my aunt just made for me today..Her lasagna taste better every time i eat it..Or my precious niece Auni and her antiques..Or about my new part time as a cashier?or how living in Kuala Lumpur for the last 3 years feels like?Or about my relationship with Aizat that grows with time(yup me and him is still together so if u r expecting my story with some different hunks u r totally going to be disappointed)?Or about study that i've crammed n juggled everything so that it's become shorter??Or maybe i should just go to sleep and start writing up my blog by tomorrow..I guess the last one is the one that i ought to be doing..So night lads..Wish u have a pleasant dreams..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's nothing wrong in expressing urself using ur own words n style..

I love blogs..Even when i didn't write one i still love to blogwalking, reading interesting stories that others want to share. There are some good stories with superb writing skills that u can find none grammatical errors whatsoever that u can't help urself to admire it and there's superb stories with broken language, purposely misspelled words but still the post managed to be one of the most enjoyable one i ever read..

The point is, a great blog doesn't have to be one with perfectly written grammar..yes, sometimes the correct usage of grammar is important as it will help the reader in getting a clear understanding of the post written, but as long as the meaning reach the reader, who cares if the writer purposely misspell words to be seen as cute or just because they are more comfortable in spelling it that's their blog, it's their way of writing and if there's people who judge other people just for how they spell the words in their blogs,they are definitely one small minded people indeed.

Blog is a medium for one person to share things or used to express feelings.. It's not fair to say that bloggers who purposely misspell words or don't use correct usage of grammar as language destroyer or criticized them just for doing so, blog is suppose to be one's personal way of writing.. They are free to use whatever methods or spelling they want, even by putting their own style in it.

Just because one don't have excellence knowledge of writing doesn't mean that one should stop from doing so and blog allow us to do just that,writing without worrying that it won't be published for the lack of language knowledge..

So people keep writing..Don't mind those small minded people who only know to judge people by spellings and language usage..Don't be intimidated by other great blogs who has thousands of fans and comments for each post..Ur blog is suppose to be about you..Feel free to share anything u like and write it in ur own words and style..U too have right to blog out ur ideas.

I'll be waiting for ur next posts..jia you!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Merah itu menawan..

Aku dari kecik sampai besar kurang suke pada warna merah..
baju aku satu pun xde y warna merah..kalau korg ade pernah tgk aku pakai baju merah tu maknanya baju tu adalah baju yang aku pau dari almari kakak aku..biasalah barang dia barang aku tapi barang aku bukan brang dia..hehe..
so kenapa ek aku kata merah itu menawan??
sbbnya setiap kali aku tgk cermin skrg ni apa yang aku nmpak adalah merah..
mataku sudah menjadi merah..ya aku sudah terkena Viral conjunctivitis atau nama femesnya sakit mata..
jujurnya aku xpernah kena penyakit ni..baru first time...mula2 roommate aku yang kena..bila aku masuk bilik tgk mata die dh merah..aku dh cuak..yela kan org kata penyakit mata ni berjangkit..tapi die ngan coolnya bleh ckp x doktor kata penyakit ni susah nk aku pun dengan bendulnya percayalah ckp dia...nah tgk apa jadi???Rasa nk saman je doktor yang dia jumpa tu..dahla bagi dia mc satu hari je..ade ke patut..mana bleh org sakit mata bagi mc satu hari..kalau berjangkit sape susah??aku jugak....damn...

tapi yang bestnya sakit mata ni cuti lama...aku ari tu dapat mc dengan sepital 3 hari..campur weekend jadi 5 hari..pastu aku g kat klinik private lak die ckp kalau nk mc nnti mc aku abis bleh mntak giler..aku dapat mc je terus balik umah..aku suka balik umah..bila aku balik umah mama aku masak sedap2..gerenti aku balik u ni nnti badan aku abis bengkak2..mana xnya ari pertama balik aku disajikan ngan ikan siakap 3 rasa..ari kedua nasi ayam..ari ni laksa ngan sate...untuk esok sbb mama aku ada mesyuarat dia dah masak siap2 nasi impit n kuah kacang dengan rendang ayam..sedap siut...mama aku mmg pandai masak..kerja aku kat umah selain tido adalah makan,makan n makan...kadang2 ayah akan ketuk pintu bilik(sbb aku dalam kuarantin aku kunci bilik xbg org masuk) antar buah anggurla,fresh orangela,agar2la ..ada mcm puteri x??aku saaaaaaayang sgt sama famili aku..hehe..

yang xbestnya aku kana kuarantin..bukan family aku suruh aku yang nak..aku risau takut nnti ada yang jangkit ngan aku..umah kiteorg ni kan ada baby..selain risau takut baby tu pun nnti kena jugak aku xnk yang lain2 rasa mcm ape yang aku rasa..seksa gila bile dgr baby auni gelak,tgk badan die yang tembam comel tu geram je nk peluk2 n auni merupakan permainan kegemaran kami sekeluarga..seksa gile rasanya bile xleh main ngan aku xnk yang len pun xleh dekat ngan auni..sedih kot...

sekarang ni kalau xtgk cermin aku rasa mcm xde pape je..macam org normal yang len..tapi bila tgk cermin rasa nk menjerit "mak!!!hantu!!!" pun ada..aku pun xkenal rupa aku..sacry gile especially bile baru bangun tdo rambut tgh panjang mengurai...huhu..

no worries aku yakin mungkin esok wajahku mungkin akan menyerupai cantiknya bella lepas bertukar menjadi vampire dalam novel breaking dawn...maklumlah merah itu kan menwan......

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shattering dreams..

I guess it was already quite awhile since i wrote for this blog..Not because i have nothing to say, but sometimes i'm juz not in the mood for it..sorry for those who had been constant reader of my blog..
Publicly my life is okay..i have very nice friends around me, i have my fun with them, got pretty good result, i'm laughing, i'm smiling till my cheeks hurt n no one could ever guess that i'm actually pretty hollow inside..
Nothing seems right anymore..I feel lost and alone..My purpose in life is fading..hope is no longer in my dictionary of life..And i don't think anything will get any better soon ..
N right now all i can do is fighting n keep struggling..Struggling juz to get on going..I'm trying to find myself again..
But one thing for sure..I no longer have the courage to dream..Maybe one day i'll try again..But it will definitely not now..

Warning:Any inquiry of how am i doing n why did i wrote this post will be neglected right away..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dulu dan sekarang...

Ini dia tyme masa mula2 aku jumpe dulu..kurus kan??org kate tyme sebelum ni lg kurus..susah nk makanla katakan..

Tpi bila dah jumpa aku (n ade ckit possibility effect vitamin penambah selera yang die amik dulu2 tu br berkesan) dia.....
n makan lagi!!!

akhirnya jadila begini..hehe

Baru 2 tahun kenal dah bulat mcm ni...akan datang????kite tgk jela nnti ek..
xkire ape pun no matter how u'll look like in the future u'll always be the machoest in my eyes syg..

ps:post ini hanyala result kepada rasa rindu akibat lama tidak berjumpa...tidak bermaksud untuk mengeji dan mencela..hahaha...i mish u honey damn much..

Friday, August 6, 2010

The poyoness of The Last Air Bender..

Poyo!Poyo!Poyo!Poyo!! the word i kept chanting throughout the whole movie...I hate this movie..I am one of the people who love the avatar series since it was aired on nickelodeon...I watched them over n over again until i can even memorize some of the dialog and scenes..This movie was a huge disappointment to me..The movie completely ruined the real series of avatar..The storyline was changed ruining the coolness n the awesomeness of the real scenes in the series like the part when Aang tried to change the earthbenders mind in opposing the firenations..the real scene was suppose to show desperate peoples locked in a metal ship with no earth to bend and was so close to losing hope and refuse to fight even after he tried hard to bring coals on the ship so that the earthbenders can bend again until one son of them started to fight back..not just simply shows the 'poyo'ness of katara and Aang begging almost closing to tears to a group of earthbenders that were surrounded by earth..
The actors and actresses were poyo(i'm sorry i don't know how to translate poyo in english..i guess it was quite close to the meaning of trying to fake something cool)..What's with the Aang always seems like a kid who was  on the bring of tears?Where's the goofiness and seriousness of Aang?even the pronunciation of Aang was wrong..Not to mention the pronunciation of Iroh(by the way iroh was a thin old man in the movie which completely opposite of the real Iroh).Katara was poyo..She just seem like the fake katara in the teater they watched in book 3.i mean in book 3 the fake katara was a joke but for the movie?it was damn annoying seeing her like that..Even Sokka was not that funny..Seriously don't they make any study on the series before making the movie?Zuko was indian i think or firenation was similiarized with indian race but really it was totally odd and weird to call someone who completely look like and indian using chinese or japanese name(i can't quite differentiate which more suitable but really don't u think name like zhou,zuko n ozai was more suitable for asian people..(no offense to the indian) was completely ridiculous. 
I know i was rather harsh on this movie but seriously if u asked me to rate this movie i will give it nothing..I know adaptation movie will not be as the same as the real one but hey i can accept Harry Potter and Narnia..Though they were not quite similar to the novels as they need to be shortened but still the coolness and awesomeness of the stories didn't lose in the movie..
Overall i hate this movie..Thank god i didn't waste my money on watching it in 3D..