Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hi mashi's in the blog..

yeay dah ade blog!bagi sape y xde 2 jgn jeles..cpt2la buat free je..
nama y diberi nurmashidah binti mohd aminudin..kwn panggil mashi,family panggil shidah @ adik (being an adik doesn't mean that i'm spoil)
i'm a pure kuantanian..i was made,born,raised n schooled in kuantan..i even graduated from mtrix gambang(not kuantan but close enough) n now i'm a student at the coolest tech university ever (uiversiti malaysia pahang) that is also located in kuantan..god i love kuantan..
i'm a very easy going optimistic person(this is my blog of course i'm going to praise myself..sape2 xpuas hati back off..create ur own blog then :p)..i love 2 laugh n seeing people laugh..i love 2 do n try crazy and unexpected things n doing nothing put me into an early grave..5 minutes with me n u'll find that i'm very friendly(i like making friends..)..my darkest side is for me 2 know n 4 u 2 found out(which u'll never find since i'm an angel-hahahha(evil laugh))..The thing is what i really want 2 say is that 'yeay i have a blog'..so long 4 now guys..feel free 2 comment..don't worry even i might try to kill my critics i never actually kill them..hehe..