Friday, December 18, 2009

What I've learned..

I learned...

That I can't force a person to love me,

I can only do somethings for the one i love..

I learned,

That i'll be treated exactly like i treat other people,

Giving is always better than receiving..

I learned..

That i need years to build trust,

It it only take seconds to destroy it..

I learned..

That my best friends are always with me,

We do a lot of best things together,

And we have lots of best times together..

I learned..

That the one who I consider the villain in my life,

Is the one who often inspire me n give me guts,

The one who show me my weakness n dare me to be a better person..

I learned..

Friendships that are connected by heart,

Although are separated by distance,

Will only bloom more beautifully by time..

I learned..

That if a person didn't shower me with his attention as i wanted,

Doesn't mean that he doesn't love and care for me,

He just has his own way in loving me..

I learned..

That as wonderful as a person is,

He will has mistakes,

so i must always be ready to forgive..

I learned..

That i need to learn how to forgive my self and other people,

so that i won't be living in guilt,

so that i'll be free from negativity inside me..

I learned..

That two person can see a same thing,

But have different opinions about it..

I learned..

That people around me can influenced me,

But I need to be responsible in decisions that i made..

I learned..

That it doesn't matter what i have,

But what does matter is who i am inside..

I learned..

I need to choose,

whether i want to control my attitude and emotions,

or i let my attitude and emotions control me..

I learned..

That i have right to be angry,

but it is not an excuse for hatred and rudeness..

I learned..

That failure doesn't mean the end,

It means starting over..

I learned..

If i love someone,

Love him wholeheartedly,

Cause even if he is not for me,

At least i won't have any regrets on the day after..

I learned..

That i need to prioritized those i love before me,

Because they are my everything,

Make others happy although i am actually in pain,

Love is wanting to make your love one happy.

I learned..

That if we repay evil with kindness,

Allah has his own ways in repaying back our kindness to us..

I learned..

Even in my greatest despair,

When i was alone and feel lonelier than ever,

I was never alone,

Allah is always with me and he has great plans for me..

Hardship is not the sign that he hates me,

But it is a way to bring me closer to Him.

This is what i've learned..

This is me..

I rather be hated for who i am than be accepted for who i'm not..

Q& A sessions..

So here's a general answers to all of the questions that i've been asked lately..
Where am I and what i've been doing lately?Why didn't i post anything in my blog anymore?
-I've finished my two month in Annizah's kindergarten as agreed with the owner(it was one sad parting.. I love the kids..They were just heart-warming)-didn't post about it cause i left my cam's cabel at kuantan so i can't upload the pictures..
-i started working with 3I group(will explain about it in later post) on 11th dec..
-I am a PA to Datin Wan Syamsiah Wan Mohd(i called her Mak Long.She is not related to me but it's just that everyone i know called her so) who is going to open a travel agency n a green cafe which are going to start operating this January..So my schedule is quite pack.
-Right now i'm in our office in Permaisuri business centre,Kuala Lumpur still trying to sort things out before our opening ceremony..
-I stay in between two places now(one is Mak Long's house in Bandar Tun Razak n the other one is the one that is rented for me in SS2 PJ)
-I just came back from our 5 days Pantai Timur tour(We went to most of the tourist centre in the east coast n it was quite splendid actually..The east coast of Malaysia is just beautiful-again i still can't post about the tour as i can't upload the pictures..)
Have i quitted studying??
No i'm not...I'm a student till the end of my life..It's just that i still trying to figure myself out..To those who understand,thank u n to those who don't just back off will ya?
How am i doing right now?
I'm doing great actually..Trust me i'm not bluffing..I learned lots of things,meets lots of different people,went to lots of different places n experienced lots of exciting things..Right now i'm living to the fullest..It's just that i'm too busy to upload it all in my tiny blog.
Have i gone mad?
I probably am..So what??

So i think i've summed them up quite splendidly..hehe..
To those who love me thank u..u guys are the best..
Happy new year everybody...

Friday, December 11, 2009

One rainy sunday..

I was living in the east coast of Malaysia..Rain is no longer an obstacle to anything..No matter how hard the rain is,the activity will go on..We surely didn't mind to be a little wet.After all this kind of day is what exactly umbrellas are made for..
On last rainy sunday was my abang wan reception..His house was actually one of the few house in his area that didn't get flooded.Lucky us our convoy was all of MPVs so the flood didn't stop us in the way..

It's a simple event n i didn't take lots of pictures due to the rain(didn't want my camera to get wet).We all came in black not because of we were mourning or anything it's just that black made the rain drops and the wetness of our clothes less visible n we do look kind off cool in them..That little boy beside me is my brother Ijat..He was adopted by my dad since his late father was my father's best friend..he sometimes join us on our holidays n for this school holiday he's staying with us since my sister is home waiting to be post as a teacher this January.

To entertain Ijat after the reception we went to the Dinotrek..He was dying to go there so did my dad(he always love this kind of odd thingy) so we did a little family tour there..(too bad my sis and abg wan couldn't join us though the wanted to go too as they can't possibly left their own reception)

Wrong emotions..Should be a little scared of the T-rex..It does look n sound real though..

Ayah n mama helping Ijat with his puzzles..

Ayah looked like he was enjoying himself with the game as mama was cheering him off..They surely can be kids sometimes..

Me and mama n a big dinosour behind us..If the dinosour was big,how come we seem to be completely blocking it?Who was bigger actually?(i'm NOT going to let this thought bug me..)

He kept blaming the computer for telling him he was wrong when he was actualy right..Sian adik akak ni..

Me and Ijat and the mechanical dinosour behind us..We can programmed it to move it's head,eyes n body according our wish..Kind off cool actually..

Ijat n his little souvenir..(His pic seems dull n boring cause he was afraid to smile as we kept teasing him of his rotten teeth..hehe)

Monday, November 9, 2009

my knight in shining armour..

Adela satu hari tu sedang2 aku kemas rak tetibe seekor cicak jatuh depan aku..Aku pun ape lagi "Waaa cicak!!!' n terus melompat jauh dr tempat tu..Musuh ketat aku tu selain dr Mr L n Cik Ti..Xsangka aksi spontan tu dilihat oleh Azri,murid kelasku yang sangat manja dengan aku.Pantang jumpa mesti aku dipeluknya..
"Teacher,teacher nape teacher jerit?Teacher takut cicak ye?"
"Haah..dulu ade cicak pernah masuk dlm baju(aku mmg anti dengan binatang yang pervert ni..lagi satu mr L pernah panjat kaki aku)..So teacher xsuke."(mmg prinsip aku jujur dengan budak2..aku pantang tul dengan org y suke tipu budak ni..kesian budak tu..nnti dh besar diorg jadi susah nk caye ngan org)
"ooo mcm tu ye teacher.."pastu die pun terus lari pegi main dengan kawan2 die..

3 hari selepasnya..
azri:teacher..teacher..azri ade gift untuk teacher..
aku:yeke?azri nk bg ape pulak kali ni?(die mmg selalu bg aku gift..bunga y die petikla,gula2, kapal terbang kertas..budak ni mmg sweet)
azri:y ni teacher kene ikut azri..jom kite gi playground..
dengan penuh keheranan aku pun ikutla..tibe di playground aku tgk kat pagar tu dikerumuni budak2..
ya allah kat pagar tu tergantungla seekor cicak mati..
azri:teacher nila hadiah azri untuk teacher..lepas ni mesti cicak2 lain xberani kacau teacher dh..teacher simpan ye..(dan die pun terus pergi meninggalkan aku bersama cicak yang mati tu join kawan2 y sedang bermain)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heaven's garden..

Kids are brats..They are annoyying n noisy n sometimes u will wonder whether they are the devil's weapon to outcome u..These are facts..It is proven..if u don't believe me try to lock urself with at least ten of children under 6 years old for a day..Then u tell me that my fact is just another bullshit made by unreasonable mind of people who had been driven nuts by the kids(i might be one of those u know)..

If i feel like that why did i insist to stay here n looking forward on meeting them every single day?

Well it's because though they are undeniably all of the above they are also the sweetest things on earth..They are like chocolate though it's a little bit bitter, it's sweet,calming n is able to make u happy(all the that endorphins it triggers) if the migrane didn't come to u first hehe...
They made my day here..On the first day i came here,i wonder y did the principle called this place heaven's garden..It was seriously looked more to hell with little devils scattering around..But day by day in a little corner of my heart i admitted that this place is true to the name.This place is full of laughter n innocent cute little beings..U can't help but smiling around them with all the cheerful vibe spreading in the air..I also get a lot of love here..I got hugs n kisses everywhere i go..They screamed my name n is eager for my attention..They surely do know how to get into people's heart..

There's also few things i learned from them on how to be as cheerful as they are..
1-laugh when u r happy cry when u r sad
2-forgive n forget the mistakes people made to u
3-tell other people problem inside u..don't keep it in ur"teacher, ainul dengan zakiah kan tadi kan die xnk kawan saye..."
4-exercising..move a helps in producing more endorphins to make u happy(kids are just restless)
5-rest when u r tired(they can sleep almost anywhere)

I think enough for now..will try to put more later..ciaou.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Like a bird..

“Have you lost ur mind??”

This last few weeks I had been asked this question a lot..Well, am I? I have no answer to that. It depends on what people think of me..If they think I’m crazy let it be.. maybe I am n maybe I’m not..honestly I don’t give a damn..

If what I did categorized me as crazy I rather be called crazy my entire life..

This ‘craziness’ of mine set me free.. Free from what?? It’s for me to know n for u to find out..if u can..hehe..

Right now I feel like I’ve been given a pair of wings..It’s hard to learn how to fly, it’s a new thing n people normally walk..they don’t use wings to fly.. But I want to learn to..I want to do it although lots of people say I can’t.I know what I’m doing is different from what people normally did(well not every people just those I usually mix with) n lots of people can’t quite accept it but what I’m trying to tell here is that I’m happy..I simply am..I’m happy with my choice.I feel me again..Not trying to be like a certain her or a certain him anymore..I don’t say it was an easy choice..I need to start new again.. I fell a lot n I know I’m going to fall a lot more if I want to succeed..But it’s nice to feel like u have the control of ur life not just following the path I suppose to follow like other NORMAL people..told u in my fs normalcy scares me..N this adventure I took thrilled me..What life without excitement..Not that kind of wasting money, laughing on stupid jokes, hanging out uselessly type of excitement..It was life’s worth of excitement. It’s fun to be different. I know this path I’ve taken is a hard one..If anything I’m not stupid..But like miley cyrus said in her movie..Life’s a climb.But the view is great..I’m going to enjoy the view as much as I can..

Right now I’m thankful..I can’t tell how much I thank Allah..

I’m thankful to Him for giving me parents like mine.. Though I almost gave them heart attack they still support me n try to understand..I know this is hard on them but still they stick with me n love me n accept me as difficult as it is..

I’m thankful to Him for giving me a sister like mine..Though she was disagree she back me up so that I’m happy..

I’m thankful to him for my giving me my sayang..I thought he would run away as he found out how crazy I could be yet he stick with me through my tears n laugh..From beginning to the end..He calmed me n my parents though he himself couldn’t quite accept what I did..Though he didn’t like it even a bit n one of the strongest objector still he let me do it to make me happy.

I’m thankful for giving me Aya..

She makes me feel complete..

you know, not lacking,

I do have flaws,

But she makes me

This is exactly her to me although this is actually quoted from her blog..Didn’t know for whom it was actually dedicated to though..

I also am very thankful to friends who supported me..UMP friends Wani(ko mmg sgt mengharukan) n her roommates, Fat(sorry for making u cried n thanx for sticking by) n everyone that I’ve troubled before(Along thanx..I’m touched)..

Love you guys so much..

Well this is definitely not last from me..ciao..