Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Seriously what is the hell happened to me today?
I'm soo messed up..
My life's turn upside down..
n the worst part is everybody's around me also having a bad day..hello people can't u guys pick some other day to mess with?Give me a chance to be out of place today..Just give me a little space to breath..
I just can't let it go if there's someone who is sorrier than please just let me be the sorriest person today..
i don't make sense i know..What do u expect from someone who is soo close in blowing herself up..
N to all of my things i know u guys hate me but must u all boycott me today??At least give me some warning so that i can prepare..Don't just disappear when i need u guys most..I already learnt my lessons k?so just come back especially my dear key..i want to enter my room..Waa!!
I don't want to cry(i loath it) n i don't want to get mad..i just want my life return to normal..
I hate to use obscene words but right now i just couldn't form a sentence without them..
I really felt like wanting to crush someone's face right now..Hopefully i'll be okay before then..huhu..
I want my mama!!

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