Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bike maniac..

I think i had turned up to be a bike maniac..Since i bought the bike,at least i cycled it twice a day..I've just finish cycling for two hours non stop tonight..The thing is this evening i already cycled around the campus with my friend..I can't be separated with it(yes it still a it-should i give it a gender or something~yup i definately had turned up to be a maniac.Which normal person would give their bike a name?But to think back about it guys usually genderize(not even the correct terms in english~my blog,my word hehe) their car n no one call them crazy so we shouldn't discriminate people who named their bike only because it is cheaper n has two tyres~
I didn't make sense i know..It only prove how insane i am now..Somebody call Tg Rambutan now!!
But really cycling is awesome..I like cycling up to a hill n the part i love most is when i reach the top, i can freely let go of the pedal n just enjoy the speed..The freedom is mine!!!Muahahahaha...It was really a cool sensation..
So since the bike had give me so much happiness i think it deserve to be genderized(if u don't understand what this mean ask me~i can be a new english's words creator hehe), and here it is..

Name:Windy Le Run
Gender:Definately female(stronger,cooler n cuter gender hehe)..
BOD:30 January 2009-Friday~the day i bought her

Finally my bike is oficially a her..hehe

Okla i think it's yime for me to sleep..God my body is aching..My muscles' trembling..(what do i expect from such extreme cycling)

Nway so long for now..nyte nyte..


Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

err... why windy le run? is it because of the wind-blowing-at-my-face-when-i-went-down-that-cool-hill? hahahahaha

mashi_amie said...

err kind yang paling penting ana dah ade basikal...anti xde :p