Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bittersweet feeling..

Today i'm so happy when i saw ur post in my blog..I know u had been searching for me as i did to u..In the same time i hate it as this blog had been our only method of communication recently..i've no idea what happened to u there n so did u to me..(darn that stupid skype) i want to listen to u,i want to see u...I miss the way we laugh,the whacky things we did together,ur drama,i just plainly miss u..So Miss-who-is-living-in-that-dratted-Greenwich could u at least please updated ur blog as much as i do..Apart from that bushy guy story i know nothing about u..I know we had used in being apart from each other but never like this u know..At least when u were in Malaysia u r still reachable..I hope we can see each other soon..i miss u..sniff..sniff..

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