Monday, February 16, 2009

The day i joined choir..

jess,syikin,wani,me n intan..
a piece of memory while waiting..lining up..5 choirboy of our group..

At last i joined the choir team.. my mom's soo going to get mad.but the thing is all of my group member is joining the team of course i don't want to be left out..sorry mama i hope u'll understand..Choir is soo much fun..It remind me of the day of my youth when i joined the team..Actually this weekend was hell..i was soo depress that i couldn't form a word without crying..Thankfully my friends were there for me as they always did..they don't want me to be alone that's why they pulled me into choir..i met new friends n my probs seem to be flying away..At last i know who's Jajan really is..Hehe..I heard a lot about him without really knowing the person..Intan became the conductor of the team..She was funny but she was also enjoying the performance n that was all that matter..She couldn't stop moving her hands nowadays due to the choir..She wore Ikin's tudung that night n Jajan had call her ikin since then..(notice that i mentioned intan's name after jajan?hehe)Wani wore tudung during that night and she looked cute as a doll..too bad it was really on rare ocassion did she wear it..let us pray together that she wear it often after this..aaaamin..(sorry Wani..men2 jap) During the practice Ejat(Abun) plays a lot(as his usual self) but that evening when we practiced using mike he was freaked out due to the lacking of our performance... Thank goodness Wahida showed herself that night..Intan and Wani also freaked out as Wahida was like the essence of our performance..They can't perform without her..Surprisingly we turned up to have an okay performance regardless of our unsufficiency..Alhamdulillah..
I also realized that Khaliq had guts to tease me..Usually only Wani n Intan become his victim..He is soo dead after this..Just wait till it's my turn..
Thanx ijat n Katun for showing up..We were touched..
We went back hungry,exhausted but also satisfied that night..It was surely a heck of a day..


Wahida said...

perghhh..gambar aku x de..

mashi_amie said...

haha..sape suruh datang lambat?cuak kiteorg...intan n wani pn dh dekat2 nk cabut..janji name ko ade gak kire okla tu..