Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gomen ne..

"I know you are in pain but believe me what i felt right now is thousand times worse than urs.." Your words kept repeating in my mind..

Am I being selfish?
Am I the one who is blind?

I don't know..I'm just so damn confuse..

What i know is I'm sorry..

I'm sorry for leading u..
I'm sorry for being selfish..
I'm sorry for ignoring u..
I'm sorry that i can't be there for u s u did to me..
I'm sorry for causing u so much pain n can do nothing about it..

N what i'm sorry most is for the part that u r now gone..
i found out i just can't let u go away..
My day seems missing since u r no longer a part of it..
i can no longer reach u the way i did before..
I'm clueless n the emptiness's eating me..
I felt so helpless s i can't tell u how much u mean to me..
Cause if i do u'll definitely come back..
Though in doing so u'll be leaving everything that matter to u..
n i just don't have heart enough to let u do it..

I'm sorry..Please be happy...

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