Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a hell of a week

This week is definately one of my most hellish week ever..I know i complained a lot in my blog but this is my emotional dumpster..Read it at ur own risk.To begin with i got two major test this week..Electric n thermo both the subject that i'm still sucks at(hopefully i can conquer them b4 the test)..Then i've been busy with the Love Management program that is facing lots of problem now..I still haven't started anything on next week's tests which are math,analytical chem n pengajian malaysia(I'm doom!!)..Tomorrow is the beginning of my teeth torture(they are going to start putting those pointy evil thingy inside my mouth that i need to bear for the whole two years)..I'm scared..I'm devastated for not being able to contact my precious person that is far separated from me by long distance..I'm also feel terribly sorry at my friends who had been feeling like they had been ignored recently..I swear i didn't mean to..My mom had been worried sick about me as my health is annoyyingly unstable nowadays..Sorry mama i really don't want to worry u..That's y i was very reluctant to let u come n see me here..Overall i'm in emotional n physical stress..Hopefully all of this unrequited stress will go away soon..

Ps:To my dearest friends,syed asyraf,syera,ijat,dikwan n ariff happy bestday..wish u a vry happy life ahead of u..

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Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

I know you already gone thru the dentist, buttt.... glad it's over ::..wink..::