Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My friendship is dump..feel free to throw it away..

I'm always proud in myself for being a good friend..In laugh n tears i'll be there for whoever that need me..
Today i doubted that particular trait of mine..Am i really a good friend or am i the only one who do think so..
If i'm a good friend how come friends of mine were crying out there while i was doing nothing?i feel so helpless..i no longer have the ability to cheer people up..i couldn't even form a word..I'm speechless..I've no idea what to do..
I've used in being alone but do they?Will they be alright if i'm not there for them?What if something happened am i the one who should be blamed?somehow someway i do think it's my fault they were out there crying..if i'm a good friend as i think i am they won't be crying now do they?
I don't feel like being anybody's friend right now since i'm obviously sucks in it..Sometimes being alone is not so bad after all..
At least i won't feel as drowned as i am now..

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