Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i'm touched..

u see i woke up this morning n found out that i'm doing things i shouldn't do instead of doing things that i really suppose to do..needing to have the mood before doing something's just sucks out the life and times out of u..well i've been hearing save you from simple plan like a thousand times now..i really do pity my roommates as they were straining themselves to bear it..thanx guys for letting me make noise as much as i want,listen to my stories over n over again,let me tease you'll n disturb u till u'll screaming for help..having written all this i realize that i'm soo comfortable being me because i have been surrounded by people who just let me be me..i'm touched..thanx everyone..i really do believe a quote i read which is "be urself cause the people who cares don't matter n the people who matter don't care."..to those people who matter thanx for simply being there..
thanx guys for making my life's in ump so much sweeter..

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