Friday, March 13, 2009

Consider this a warning..4 guys only..

I can be extremely nice n pleasant..I can be understanding n gentle..I can be funny n very easy to talk to..

Juz pliz don’t assume because I’m all of the above, I’m giving u guys hints that I’m into u..

I’m nice to all people..Even if suddenly u miraculously change into the same gender as me I’ll still treat u the same way..believe me..I don’t discriminate people base on gender..

I’m no longer like what I was in high school. I don’t do this couple thingy anymore..Stop looking at me as a girlfriend material..

Yes I’m single..There’s a reason why I’m so..It’s because I WANT TO..u don’t need to think that because I’m single that means I’m available n desperate..I seriously don’t need a boyfriend to make up my day..My life’s so not that dull..

If u r so serious about me, tell that to my parents. Only then will I believe u.

I know that people said when a woman said no she actually means yes(I cursed the person who drew out this statement)..but please, when I said NO I means NO.. So take the word n find someone else..

I don’t give a #$%@ about ur money, status or look..

U r not the only one who know how to use foul words. I just don’t want to fall into the same category with emotional, immature n uncivilized people who used them.

Please don’t use another girl to make me jealous.. It only makes me pity u n her more..

I don’t hang out with guys to be seen as desirable or to gain attentions ( n totally not because I’m trying to make u jealous). They just happens to be very good friends of mine..

Don’t wait for me.. If u r so incline to do so, just don’t blame me if the result still the same..

If u want to think that I have a steel as my heart so be it..

Don’t even think to be in a relationship with me if..

-u r not completely sure about ur feelings..i hate uncertainty.

-u r not serious.

-u thinks that I’m perfect

-u r not planning to be honest with me. (I hate being lied to-n hate is a strong word)

Ps: I'm just trying to be truthful..i'm sorry if u find the content of this post offensive..


Amer said...

Tulah ko,aku suruh jadi awek aku tak nk..confirm org xkacau..takde dh yang perasan ko suke kat dia..
tawaran masih dibuka..nak?

mashi_amie said...

busukla ko..kalau aku nk sangat berboyfren aku xyah cari ko la..
sebab ade org mcm ko la aku tulis post ni..
lama xdengar pasal ko..xkn merajuk kene reject dengan aku kot..hehe..

Amer said...

aku busuk?ko salah tgk orgla babe..aku kat sini jadi rebutan tau..rugi ko xmau kt ak..
sia2 je merajuk dengan ko bukan ko nk pujuk..asal ko xnk join facebook ngan kiteorg ha?fs pn mls nk update..apela ko ni.

mashi_amie said...

ceh dah ramai org nk tu pilih jela..lagi aku suke..
hehe..aku xde moodla nk update fs..tgkla nnti..ko pkla sendiri mer aku fs pn xterupdate nikan lg kalau ade facebook..
korg baca jela blog ku yang serba kudus ni ek..

budak_hensem said...

Ala mashi..ko cakapla pape pun..lg ko xnk lgla kiteorg nk masuk line..Wei ni Amer Indon ek?Ko cari minah2 kat Indon tu dahla..yng kat malaysia ni biar aku je yang deal..