Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friends..just want to say that u guys are forever..

I know we had gone through some changes..
Things are now different and we seems to be distance..
Suddenly everything go wrong and we feel kind off out of place..

Every words spoken no longer seems right n hurt as much as our silence..
Understanding are no longer between us and suddenly we are worse than stranger..
And how we just wish the time can be returned to make it all okay again..

My friends,my precious..
I just want to say it's okay..
it's okay to be mad..
It's okay to be angry with each other..
It's okay to feel hurt..
It's okay to show our darkest side among us..

Because we are not perfect..
We are allowed to have our moments..moments to just blow everything up..
Our differences is the things that make us treasure each other..
Difficulties are the things that strengthen our bond..

Acceptance are the thing that make us friends..
Once we are friends we actually take an oath to always be together through every circumstances..
So dear friends of mine,
There's no need to feel guilty among us..
We are normal people we do have our negative side..
We are all special in our own way..

Please be okay..
No matter what we always be friends..

And soon we can see each other and smile again..

ps:i don't make sense i know..what is the heck am i writing about..~sigh~


syed said...

Aku dh jumpe blog ko..yeye!!U r always surrounded with wonder u forget me easily.
Aku winduu kat ko...
Jahat2 ko dengan aku,ko la org y paling baik aku pernah jumpa.
Kalau aku turun kuantan jumpe ko boleh x?

mashi_amie said...

Tau pun aku ni baik..kalau dah dekat pantang dapat peluang mesti nk kutuk aku..
Nak jumpa aku bleh..Tp make sure ko bawak banyak2 duitla..Aku tuntut segala janji ko kat aku sekali gus..hehe..