Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy bestday Abun..

Actually this post is suppose to be written last saturday or sunday..But since the wireless connection is like 'siput' lately,only today did i succeed in uploading the images..

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine Mohd Aizat bin baharin..This post is about his sweet 15(he insisted in telling everyone that he's only 15 since the the candle of his cake only that much) n how it was celebrated..
We were eating at Johny. Although he found the food there was tasteless he managed to eat 0ne and a half plate of nasi goreng n most of the steambot..(He was cheating when he used the chopstick..konon nk nampak macho)..After that he managed to eat a slice of secret recipe cake n a set of zinger meal..No wonder people call him Abun..hehe..
This was us waiting for him at the middle of the road..Complete with a guitar(stolen from Abun's room)..We surprised him by singing 'Happy birthday' song while he passed through..Since he was the birthday boy,he was asked to sing a few songs there in front of public..(kate presiden koir) but in the end he cheated by reciting a spontaneous poem for us..
The cupcakes for his birthday..I was lucky that the madam cupcake still receive a last minute order..The theme was beach since he likes going there..(Cube teke kiteorg bg Abun makan yang mane??memang sengaja reserve dr awal..hehe)

Overall i just want to wish Happy bestday Abun..Thanks for simply be u..hope u are happy always,jiwa ko sentiasa penuh(wpn aku pn xpaham sgt istilah ni) n out of your moody zone..

Ps:sebenarnya aku bg post ni cukup syarat je..ramai gile orang buat post pasal bestday ko..bilela ko nk start berblog..


jasview said...

ak nk tumpg tnye..ko beli kek yg kecik2 tu kt mne eh? yg ade gmba..tulisan2 tu.ak nk
naty bitau ak ae..tenkiu2

mashi_amie said...

ak tempah terus kat madam cupcake tu..no fon die 0169328997..pastu gi amik kat umah die..xpn boleh order kat bob senandika..nk tgk blog die ade kat blog list aku..ko bleh pilih theme yang ko nk..

Anonymous said...

kreatif n cantik cupcake birthday abun..