Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm dying...

Notice how much i updated my blog recently?
that show how high the level of my boredom is..
I'm bored!!I have nothing to do..
N doing nothing is killing me..I'm dying....Huhu(okay2 i know i'm exaggerating..I should stop.)

All of my friends had returned(maybe not all but those i usually hang with were not here..I mish u guys already..-teardrop-)...I'm alone n i have no one to talk to..The skype was like it usual self-sucks...
I couldn't even eat to ease my boredom s i'm too lazy to go to cafe(hate going there alone) n my teeth hurt like hell (next time i'll kill whoever that said having a separator between ur teeth didn't could they lie to me..sniff..sniff)This coming two years is absolutely going to be a torture to my mouth..Well serve me right then..No one forced me to wear braces..

So what are my plans for today?
1)Packing up my things..I'm going home tomorrow..Dear tomorrow please comes fast...
2)Heroes marathon..(but the mood still hasn't come yet..i actually want to spare the series for my weekend)
3)Locking myself in the room(outside is creepy..never know when the contractor comes in)
4)Washing up my clothes(darn it..The machine was broken n my hand is injured~excuses..excuses..)i guess i'll just bring them home then(smirk)..
5)Open up my library(yup i got a library in my ha?hehe)
6)Trying to figure out how to get room service here so that i won't need to go to cafe to buy food..
7)study~i really intended to...i just that the mood hasn't come yet(another excuse~sigh~ i'm just full of it)
8)Tidying up my places(i got two rooms)..
9)Thinking about the night(how am i going to survive this night..all alone...i already mentioned that this place is creepy right?)

I'm not even descent..Well one of the advantages of being alone is that people don't see me..I can wear n do whatever i want..(just hoping that stupid contractor is not here..he is creepy)

So much for my plans above i end up with cocooning myself in my comforter doing nothing..~sigh
Tomorrow please comes fast...The rain worsening everything..I want my mommy!!


WeBViDeOKLiP said...

pi la tgk tv ka
surf blog saya ka
jalan2 ka

- I.j.a.T - said...

ish3...awat gtu skali keboringan nyer..?ish3..kesian..emm..ko nak wujudkan room services..? year ko masuk mpp..kui3

mashi_amie said...

nntila kalau aku naik mpp aku suggest wat room service..sokong x?hehe..