Monday, March 2, 2009

My camouflage..

People said that if u want to learn more about urself u just need to ask other people about it..

The thing is does other people know us more than what we know about ourselves?

I always did wonder how people see me in their eyes..Who am I for them? Do I have any importance in their life n how I affected them..

This is some of the feedback I got from people around me..

Noisy-true..i can’t stay quite around people..

Clumsy, forgetful-sorry guys I just can’t help it..

Manja- aku geli bile org ckp aku mungkin betul kot sbb dh ramai sgt yang cakap.manja kat mane tu y aku still musykil lg..

Hati batu- mungkin…


Easily persuaded-haha ni mungkin betul..aku selalu kalau org promote barang je mesti terpengaruh..

Pandai masak-correction u guys aku hanya boleh masak certain2 mende je..kebetulan korg makan mende yang aku reti..nk kate terror 2 xla..lesen masak aku still dalam peringkat L lg..

Banyak character- mungkinla kot..the diversity is the thing that sweetened our life..

Unpredictable- consistency is tiring..

Kuat merayap-ni betul..pantang diajak mesti kuar..

Cepat marah cepat sejuk- cepat ke aku marah?setahu aku,aku ni sedaya upaya kalau boleh xnk marah..sbb aku kalau marah mcm teruk je(mmg teruk pn)tp part yang cepat sejuk tu mungkinlah kot..sekejap je dh lupe..

N part y paling aku xtahan sekali la ade org tu ckp suara aku kosong..yang aku xdapat nk komen sbb aku xpaham suara kosong tu mcm mane..dia ckp mcm tin kosong kene ketuk..mungkinlah kot..tapi aku bersyukur least aku ade suara walaupn xsedap..

There is also lots of other things they said bout me but this is the one that I remember most.. Yang diorg puji tu malas nk letak..Nnti korg kate aku perasan..hehe

Feel free to state what u think about me in ur comment..Kutukla banyak mane pn..aku redha je..hehe..


NANA_arizona said...

wah,, when my 1st tym jumpe mashi tibe2 kene pakse make-up..
mase tu.. aku still tgh tade mood.. tapi enjoy jugak la.. coz aku layankan je kau make up aku..
even doh baru kenal..

then for me u r..

-> easy going..

mashi_amie said...

haah ek..first tyme jumpe dh selambe je nk make up best la..kak nana mmg sporting..

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

GENUINELY KIND! She's straightforward, she will tell (or show) you if she dislike you or like you hahaha.But, rarely dislike a person even thou they have been mean toward her (Curseee youuuu jerky-meanie people!!). Basically, a true person. Not a hint of hypocrisy ^^. She does as she likes without the care of wut others think, n luv for who she is, that's why she has nvr been judgmental.---> rare in this cynical world.

I'm lucky to have your evrythin' xoxoxo