Thursday, March 5, 2009

Should i just stop caring?

I was totally awful when i mad..
That's y i don't want to get mad..
As long as i can i'll try to rationalized things until i don't get mad anymore..

Well since I promise i'll tell u everything that u want to know i'll tell u something now..
I'm beyond mad..
I'm at the point that i can't rationalized thing anymore..
I don't want to be understanding..
I am totally disappointed..
U know how much i waited for ur answer..
How much it means to me..
How much i want to know..
How much it affected me..
I even beg for it let my heart out for it..just so that u tell me..

U give me hope..
I don't mind if u just simply say no..
I know it's very hard for u to make decision..
I can wait..
If it is still not the time it's ok..
I already told u all that..

But for u to treat our deal like a plaything hurts..
Can't u just simply tell me no?
Should u make fun of it?
I know u don't want to hurt me but u just did..
Hurt to the point that i want to stop caring..
But what makes me hurt more is that i can't stop caring..
Because i had made a promise that i won't leave u..
Even if i don't get any roses in return..


Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

I assumed this is about a guy, huh? Sigh... I hav nuthin to say cause I know you know. But, I'm giving you somethin' that might help>Download me

Shi-chan hang in there! I'm always here for you!

mashi_amie said...

I misss u...
sangat2 rindu...
The fact that u r 'there' is the one that annoy me most..
Actually i'm okay now..Just in a temporary break down stage..
But seeing ur post made me yearn for the time with u...
aitai...hontoni aitai...

Fir said...

He just don't know what he was missing...Sometimes people just take thing for granted.If only he is in my shoes.
-please take care..sorry for not being there for u..

mashi_amie said...

Wei ramai gile org dah salah sangka bile baca post ni bukan untuk orang yang aku cinta k?ni just untuk member aku yang die dh janji nak jawap soalan aku..aku tunggu punye tunggu pastu die ckp xnk bgtau..aku sakit aku ni kan suke berdrama sikit tu yang ayat jadi sedih gile..kebetulan memang tgh emo..
hanya pada si dia yang aku tuju je tau maksud post ni..die je yang paham n yang penting die xsyok sendiri aku suke kat die..
korg jgn pandai2 nak wat spekulasi plak..isy korg ni..nk jadi emo kejap pn xbleh..