Sunday, March 1, 2009

unexplained weekend

UMP choir style..
Yang ni mcm lg jadila..Gagahnya Abg harry..hehe
Stage attack!!
Kesengalan choir terserlah..hehe..
This is the first tyme i know who dr faiz is..teruk x?hehe..

This weekend just couldn't be explained by words..I mean it was tiring, a waste of tyme n a total mood crusher but it was not all that bad.. At least we in solid harmonie got the chance to practice and be together..
Saturday was like a black day..Most of us were in bad moods due to the canceled performance during the day..We were tired n we were frustrated but even in that awful period we still had time to show our 'kesengalan' (can't find suitable english term for it..hehe) by attacking the Sport complex's stage..Unfortunately we couldn't find mikes or else the sport complex will be shaken by our voices..
Sunday is the day when i become the lamp post for my friend Intan..Her progressed was a little bit slow but i was glad that she came back happy n wish that we can do it again some time later..Mission accomplished..hehe..
So i guess that was all to tell about my weekend(of course there was more but i don't think it was suitable for public knowledge..hehe)


iNtAn sHaFiNaZ said...

weekend ni pon mcm2 jdi...
bende yg kte x rncg plak yg jdi..
cam weekend lepas jugak..
pe2 pon intan ase best.. ahakss.. hihi..

we had learn many new things..

blaja dri xperience yg ntah ape2 ni ek..

in epy mood :)

mashi_amie said...

tula pasal kan..aku tau nape best..yela kan kalau x xkanla asyik tinggal aku..hehehe..