Sunday, April 19, 2009

One step before exam..

Before i step into my final battle for this sem tomorrow i would like to say i'm sorry for the things i've said,did, to any of u which might hurt u intentionally or unintentionally..To friends who had feel neglected,i'm sorry i swear i didn't mean to..If only u know how much u mean to me..It's just that circumstances drew us apart..
If there is any debt that still haven't been paid yet feel free to ask me about it..I might forget about some things i borrowed or took without realizing it..
I would also like to thanks all of u for making this sem so much fun..
all the best guys..may allah bless u'll..


c h o c o l a t e i.c.e said...

all da best..



mashi_amie said...

c h o c o l a t e i.c.e :
thanx..same goes to u..

Jaj@n said...

gudluck mashi..!!

mashi_amie said...

Good luck to abg harry too..selamat berbahagia menggunakan kalkulator baru..