Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding frenzy..

Thirteen gifts to them..
The maids n the shy bride..
The hectic of the wedding didn't stop us from taking pictures..
Welcome to the family abg wan..
Me n my sis..
After the ijab qabul..sabar ek abg wan..hehe..
Malam akad nikah kat masjid..ramai gle org..
Thankfully satu lafaz dah selesai though it was done in a rush..Nape nk cepat sgt abg wan??hehe..

In the process of transforming a maiden to a bride..

Everything's finally settled. I was so busy this last few weeks that i had no time to update my blog..It was hectic n tiring not to mention bone breaking but the overcome result was thoroughly satisfying..
I learned lots of things n gained lots of wonderful experience through this wedding.I even think to open my own wedding planner agency but since my hands seems to be not as creative as my mind, i'm postponing that idea first..hehe..
I had so much fun through the wedding n it's preparations..I met lots of people n i learned how lucky i am to be surrounded by lots of wonderful people who loves me..Can't wait for my own wedding(can i have a wedding without a groom??hehe)
Congrats to my sis n abg wan..hope u guys have a blissful marriage. To all the people who had helped in making this wedding a wonderful event thanx..U guys r the best..
There's so many to tell but i'm too lazy to tell..Till later then..ciao..