Friday, June 5, 2009

1+5 new babies into the family..

Hi..let me introduce u to our new sweetheart in the family baby iskandar...
This is Mimi..Half persian if i'm not mistaken..The mother of 5 babies..
Comel sangat..kecik je..
xsabar nk tunggu diorg bleh pegang..
cute kan??

My new nephew by cousin's name is Mohd Iskandar..He may seems cute in the pictures above that for some people it was hard to believe that he was all blue when he was first came out from his mama..Surviving from operation when they put a hole in his chest,it was a miracle he turned out as healthy n as pink as he is..We were all thankful to Allah for it..
Not long after that,the house cat,Mimi brought 5 new babies to the world..It was a joy in my aunt house..Can't wait for them all to grow up..
Babies are surely one of the best life's miracle..

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