Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Lately i've been crazy about cats..Maybe because i'm staying with Aya that keep planning to kidnap every cat in the street that she found or maybe it's because i've spent so much tyme with Molek(a cat's name of course) in my Aunt Darlis house..
But really,they r so adorable that u have no choice but to love them..
Here's some proves of how adorable they can be..

I'm a gift u can't reject..

Look!!They are staring at us..

We're sleepy...

I want to go to the market too..

feeling down?Let me play some music for u..

Hehe even I need a soft toy to sleep..

Ball-shaped competition..

Viewer,viewer of the blogger,which of us make the better picture?

We want some sweet!!


M-L-D said...

Ouh man!
they're sooooo chumilllll

mashi_amie said...

M-L-D:tau xpe..dhla kite tgh gile kucing..