Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A hole in my blog..

a shooting star just landed on my blog..
well what to do..i had promised her that i'll answer every tag she gave..
these answers for u aya..

a) Would you say talking persistently on the phone is a bad habit? :D
err i would say it is..it's actually addictive..i just can't stop..hehe..

b) What is the thing you constantly read?
smss, blog posts, manga, fanfics, articles, novels i just love to read..

c) Sliding down the staircase or walk regally down the staircase?
walk regally i think..i'm afraid of height remember?i'm even afraid of ur house's staircase..but if i had the chance i would love to try sliding it down..

d) Where would you most be seen to wait?
my room..

e) What were you waiting for?
i don't know..my romeo perhaps throwing pebbles so that i can run away with him..hehe

g) Your first time meeting/asking for a job?
Every holiday usually i ask my mom whether she want to hire me as a bibik in the house..i found out that mothers give the most satisfying salary..hehe..

f) You first time conversing with your superior / experienced co-worker?
Don't think i've been through that yet..

h) Voicing or Writing?
Both..It depends on my mood..

i) Digitally-recording or Drawing?
I don't think i like ur sarcasm..u know i can't even draw a straight line u big fat meanie!!

j) Alien or Conventional?
I'm partial to alien i think..People oft think me weird..

i'm done!!

so i'm tagging u back!!do answer this questions of urs please..

love u..


Anonymous said...

Bravo, your idea simply excellent

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