Saturday, June 27, 2009

I want to go here!!!

A friend of mine ask me to view his pictures in fs..These pictures really captivated me..So i stole a few of them and put them in my blog..Sorry Taufiq..hehe..The thing is this place is just behind his house..Can u imagine it?I never know we got this kind of place..I really want to go here..The view is breathtaking..Only the problem is i'm afraid that i'll get lost looking for this place though i already had the direction(with my sense of direction who knows where it will take me..hehe)..So whose up to the challenge?I'll bet though we might get lost the result will be satisfying..Just assume we're on an adventure seeking for a hidden treasure will you..

The water is blue..I bet it's refreshing..Not planning to jump in there though..Only god knows what kind of creatures might be skulking in it waiting for me to be their prey.

Some relatives of Taufiq i guess..I don't know..Don't have the chance of asking him while i stole this..hehe..Nice port for taking pictures though..

Captivating isn't it?

On the left is Taufiq@Third@Ayam..Thanks to him i know about this place..I'm so jealous with him for living in such a beautiful area..

ps:To Taufiq if there's anyway u found out about me stoling ur pictures just remember that u had once proposed me to be ur fiancee..We r good friend now aren't we?hehehehehehehe.....


p u e q u e said...


kat mana neyhhh??

nak g jugak!!!!!!!


LoNgJaR said...

yeah.. i also love the tasik view..
awesome.. =)

mashi_amie said...

aku tak tau..kene tanye third...nk gi x?kite attack umah die ramai2..

p u e q u e said...





idham itu kwn bek akuh~


mashi_amie said...

pueque:yeke?idham tu kawan baik sepupu aku..hehe..jumpe die kat umah sepupu aku ari tu..mane ko tau idham kenal aku?