Saturday, June 6, 2009

Introducing my mother side of the family..

Since i'm now in Bentong living with my mother's side of the family i would like to introduce them to u'll..

The elders eating while chatting among themselve at Mak Ngah's house..
My makcik Ida n Pakcik Mezah

Makcik Darlis n Pakcik Mahsan

me n the younger cousins in my family..
The elders in our family..
Front line,Pakcu.Makcik Darlis,my mom,Mak Ngah,makcik Ida n Makcu..At the back Pakcik dad,Pak ngah n Pakcik Hamzah..

My mother is the second daughter of five siblings..I think that can decribe y she's a little different from others since second daughter usually a little odd than the rest(believe me..i know..this theory had been proven)
Now I'm staying at my Aunt Darlis(the fourth daughter) house..She's noisy n nag a lot but she's also care for her family(which mean us) very much..I think she's the link of the five siblings since she likes to contact others most..
Makcik Ida is my mother's twin but they have no similirities at all from skin colour to attitude..Maybe because she's my mother's twin,i felt that i have some kind of connection with her..With her i felt comfortable n easier to express myself.
My Mak Ngah is the first daugter in the family..She's a caterer n is damn good at her job..She's stern n tough but also very fun to be with..If we were hungry we just need to go to her house n we will find delicious food there..
The last is my Pakcu the only guy in the family..He's a leftenant if i'm not mistaken in charge of all helicopter at TLDM but when he was among family he just like a little boy that like to be pampered by his sister..very cute..

If u want to see romantic couples u should come n watch all of them..Yes i mean all..They really can't survive apart from each other..Though they were getting older they still behave like young couples..Even the young one is not as romantic as them..

I love my uncle n aunts..They treat me like their own daughter..Living with them is like living with my own parents..I'm proud to say that i'm not only have a pair of parents but actually 5 pair of them..

so long for now...


mpejal2 said...

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WanHidayat said...

I miss to go back home in Pahang.....


n@na arizon@ said...

awk.. kite dah g pavillion jugak.. sebab jeles tgk awk update blog pasal pavillion.. hihi~

mashi_amie said...

jadi follower gerenti ade link..hehe..silalah..jangan malu2..

mashi_amie said...

Nothing's can surpass home sweet home..

mashi_amie said...

n@na arizon@:
haha boleh tahanla tempat tu kalau suke tgk wayang n kero..Boleh makan JCO sekali..

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