Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur...

Hikmah, me n maisarah..
Me n Coplu's drawing..Nice isn't it?It's actually about family love..very sweet..
I also love this two painting's author..He like to paint the beauty of nature..Cantik sangat(lukisan ek bukan yang menyibuk kat tengah tu..hehe)
Abis bilik kero tu kami kerjakan..
Me n maisarah..
Lunch taken..Not badla..macam2 ade..Ini baru yang first trip..
Me n hikmah..
Sarah yang tgh feeling..tu mmg port die..
Hehe..Sempat agi berposing tgh nyanyi..
The big screen..

Yesterday i went to kuala lumpur..again..I was only there last monday actually..I was accompanying maisarah(my cousin) n her friend hikmah there..kononla nk release tensyen spm..The trip was fully sponsored by my makcik darlis(thank u u soo much)..We reached pavilion around 10..We wondered around n found a painting shop..The paintings there were very nice(tgk hargala..sume almost 10000++)i love Coplu's n Diong's(if i'm not mistaken..) painting's most..
After buying the tickets for terminator salvation we went to Red Box..My first time being there actually..It was actually a very cool place to visit if u like karaoke-ing..We were there for 4 hours straight..Since we were given our personal room we were free to do whatever we want in that room..Given that oppurtunity my full of stress cousin n her friend went wild..What a way for stress relieving..Lucky we have no guys around..hehe..I need to almost dragged them to stop singing since we were alreasy late for prayer n the movie..
Terminator salvation was okay..Maybe because i was tired i couldn't enjoy that movie much..All i can say is that i was not sorry i watch terminator 1 n 2 juz to watch it..But my cousin n her friend seems to be enjoying it much...
At 5.20 we rushed out from pavilion to chased our bus..We were lucky that there's not so many people to titiwangsa as it was suppose to be..We reached bentong at 7..The day was tiring but thoroughly satisfying..nnti abis spm kite gi lagi ye sarah..

so long for now..ciao..


eyra said...

juz fyi,
hikmah tuh kazen sy.
wat a small world.

mashi_amie said...

oh tyme kalau kuar lagi jomla pegi sekali..