Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A pebble to ur window..(specially aimed to aya)

Smash!!-sorry i broke ur window..i only intended to knock it a little so that u'll notice..hehe..

so here we goes..

i) What is the major thing on your mind right now?
The person who i've often talked about lately..

ii) Does it causes restlessness?

iii) Does it gives you inexplicably joy?

iv) Have you ever consider yourself daring?
Think so..

v) Why?
I dare to be close to u for years now in spite of knowing how dangerous u can be(ur mood swings etc hehe)

vi) Between these, what would you choose at the moment? (Strength / Belief)

vii) For what?
Because by believing it gives me strength..

i'm done!!juz wait for mine k?u r so going to regret asking me to tag u..hahahaha(super duper evil laugh)

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