Monday, June 22, 2009

Tomyam adventure..

Today my aunt asked us to cook since she just doesn't feel like it..So we decided to cook tomyam..Here's how exactly we cooked it..

1)We filled the pot full of water then we heated it up..
2)We threw the chicken dices, tomatoes, cabbage, chillies, onions,lemon grass, tomyam cube all together at one time..
3)We tasted it-tasteless(because we put so much water with so little ingredients)
4)We put out some of the water..
5)We added some more chicken, tomatoes,chicken stock(yup our tomyam is full of ajinomoto), salt,sugar,lemon grass n lemon..
7)We tasted it again..
6)At last we finally have a decent tomyam..sedapla..

Our tomyam campak2..doesn't look that bad isn't it?

My uncle came and tasted our tomyam.."nape tomyam ni rasa macam air?patutnya bile orang sains n org art gabung masak jadi sedapla..kan masing2 tengah buat degree..masak pn xreti ke?"-His comment was surely a harsh one..But at least in the end we finally manage to prove that we can actually cook..Surprisingly the tomyam turned out to be a decent one..hehe..

Back up food in case our cooking doesn't turn out well..If anything at least u can give us merit for being well planned..hehe..

Our ommelette..What's a tomyam without ommelette..

He surely is our knight in shining armour..Though his critics were harsh but he was willing to help us..

Our tomyam adventure was fun..It was tiring but satisfying..I finally know how to cook a decent tomyam..Yeay!!Now i can live n brag about it..hehe..

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