Thursday, August 27, 2009

What i feel right now..

I feel like...

I love driving..
I feel like i just got myself a car(yahoo!!)..Then i drove myself in my heavenly new car without realising that the longer i drive the faster i go and suddenly EeEEEekkkk!!!CrAshed!!Boom!KebabOm..I was injured n it hurts badly..Feels like i'm torn into pieces..
Then my car is repaired n my injuries were healed n still i drive..Did i mention i love driving??This time slower but again when i feel safer i start speeding again n again EeEEEEekkkk!!!Crashed!!Boom!!!!Kebabom!!I was hurt badly..again..One more time..
And this continues on n on as i love driving very much..A few itty bitty minor injuries won't stop me from loving the sensation of it..
Until today a person offers to drive for me..I quickly rejected the idea since driving is like my life..My mind,body and soul don't seem like willing to accept it.I don't think that i'll be as happy as when people drive for me than driving myself..Driving is mylife(i'm being repetitive i know..but try to get the point will ya?)..
But i do feel the difference..Though letting other drive for me was not as thrilling,exciting n doesn't feel as a part of me than driving myself but i do feel safer..
The question is should i stop driving??

I don't make sense i know..It's just that really what i felt right now...

Breaking fast with hundreds others..

MPK park..
Kuantanian might be familiar with this place..Located just beside the state mosque it was usually used for sports events like football and net ball.
Never in my entire life that i thought people will use it as a breakfasting spot..Yet that was exactly what we did on our fourth day of fasting..We were not the only one there so u all can stop the speculations that we were dating on ramadhan..We were actually breaking fast with hundred others.. hehe..
We bought our food at a nearby bazaar..There were so many food there..It was nice to see some variety from UMP bazaar.We had about an hour tour there but unfortunately by the time we decided to buy food most of the food were already gone(i really want to try that oblong beef or chicken thingy!!)..
No matter how people came,by family,friends or pair, everyone seems to be very excited waiting for Azan at the park..Me was totally included in that excited category..New experience always thrill me..
I like the view during twillight.The skies are just simply beautiful and that day was no exception..Too bad Aizat didn't seem to be very appreciative of the view..Might be because he was too hungry to care..hehe..
It was like breaking fast picnic style..It was actually a nice activity to try during this fasting month..Since it was located near the mosque it will be easier to continue our tarawikh there..

Searching for a spot to eat..

Told u there's a lot of people there..If ur eyes are good guess which one were us?

Alaa lapar ye..Siannye..Jap je lg berbuke ye..

Azan time..This time voices were no longer heard..Might be because they were being respectful toward azan or might also be because they were too busy munching.. hehe..

So long for now..I got test to study...till next tyme..

ps:should've update this post before..But the internet was slower than snail..siput betulla..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadhan the second..

Firstly I’m sorry…I truly did..
Yesterday’s event was totally an accident..I didn’t mean to disrespect ramadhan..I love this month remember?

I received a lot of messages yesterday..

At first I was happy like “yeay I got a message!!” but when I opened them, coincidently they were all started with “You went karaoke-ing on the first of ramadhan???U should’ve known better than to do that!!” or something like that.. I was like “eeeek!!What the heck??I’m soooo busted..”

I think yesterday was the first time I had ever been scolded by lots of people in one day..Till today I was still a little phobic to receive any messages..

Yes I should’ve known better...I’ve been thought by the best of people.As what I had said before I lost with myself..I’m sorry..No excuse from me..I know that even if I didn’t fast yesterday I should respect those who did.

Again I’m sorry..Forgive me please n thanx for always being there to give a little whipping when I need it..I guess in a way I’m still a child that need to be constantly reminded n disciplined.

Love u..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things that aren't suppose to do on first day of ramadhan..


Mask on everyone..But it surely didn't stop us from singing..hehe

Me and intan..It had been awhile since we hang out together..She totally rocks today..hehe..

Wani and her tracksuit..

2-Wasting money..

I really shouldn't buy anymore clothes..But which one do u think is better?hehe..

We r not thieves..We r just here to shop..

I'm having fun!!Told u ramadhan is fun..But i'm not celebrating it the right way..
I know what i did was totally deviated from the things that i suppose to do on ramadhan but still the temptation is too high..I lost with myself..~sigh..

Actually this morning Wani asked me if i can drive them to clinic since intan was sick..
I swear it was totally not in our plan to drive until Kuantan..We totally were not planning to go Karaoke-ing n shopped around buying clothes n things to waste money..Wani was wearing her tracksuit for crying out loud..

But still as always when i'm with Wani we never could just go to a place n only do a thing..She do the planning n i do the driving..What a pair we make..Although Intan was sick but since she was also as 'sengal' as we r,she agreed to the wholething as long as we agreed to wear mask first.

Hopefully i can make it up tonight..I do want to be a become a better person through this ramadhan...

Happy fasting everyone!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy ramadhan everybody!!

I can see that a lot of bloggers already made their post on ramadhan..

Me myself definately don't want to be left out..So what should i say about it?

I just love this month..

I can say that i'm very excited to be in this holy month..Apart from all of those benefits of ramadhan, I don't know y this month always manage to make me feel as if all my wishes will be granted..As a night sky lover i would say that the nights on ramadhan are definately most beautiful..The moon, the stars n everyhing seems much brighter..They are also merrier since people go for tarawikh n the sound al-quran recitation can be heard everywhere..The people also seem much kinder(must be because they are fasting hehe)..It is also easier to wake up in during one third of the night since all the satanic voices that keep persuading me to go back to sleep are all gone..Not to mention our ibaadah quality seems to be improving compared to our usual month.

I also enjoy fasting..Not because i'm a goody person it's just that during fasting i don't need to think about food..Do u know how much eating consumes our tyme?It takes time to buy food,eating it n digesting it..Believe me by fasting we can save lots of our time to do something elses that are more beneficial such as sleeping hehe..i love sleeping..

Another reason of me loving ramadhan is because all the satans, ghosts n their relatives are all tied up(serve u right u demonic creature!!muahahahahahaha)..This means i'm no longer need to be afraid to go to toilet at night alone n wondering what kind of creature skulking under my bed for this entire month..What a bliss..

This is the month that i enjoy most..This is the month when everyone tries to be better..The month that contains thousands of benefits for those who seek it. The month to practice to be good and hopefully the practice will help us surviving another year..Ramadhan is definately the best month of the entire months..

Ramadhan mubarak..Kullu shahr wa antum bikhair..I hope u can enjoy ramadhan as much as i do!!Let us strive to be a better person from this month onward..We can do it!!!yeah..hehe..

ps:~Happy ramadhan sayang..Chiayou2!!

~To all my friends who are not going to celebrate ramadhan n syawal here in Malaysia; padan muka korang!!!muahahahahaha...Jangan nangis2 ye..Miss u all..

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Have u ever been to 2 ritual meal of Aqiqah b4?
To tell u the truth i haven't..not in my entire 20 year old life..So this time i was a little overexcited to be there especially because the Aqiqah was done twice in the row..First for my Mak Ngah's grandson n on the second day the Aqiqah was held for my Mak cik Ida's grandson..
I can't comment much on the ritual since sorry to say i slept through the entire blessing ceremony hehe(for those who know me they'll know that i can sleep in ANY condition..) but the food was superb..From the starter to the dessert they were just wonderful that u'll feel like u don't want to stop eating.Lucky me i know the host..Believe me eating in the kitchen is better since all the food source came from there(xpayah nk segan2 makan depan org..).Mak Ngah is definately one amazing caterer..
Okla i don't feel like writing much on this post..Actually there were more pictures but too bad those cameras are not mine n i don't have the oppurtunity to transfer here's some pics taken from my phone..

Baby Iskandar..What a serious face..hehe..

Me n baby faris now now boy..don't be shy in front of the camera..i don't want to take ur spotlight..

me n my cousins(kak rin n sarah)

Me n Hikmah..I don't know y,but lately when i came to Bentong,i met her??hmm....

kak rin n the food..(this pics actually requested to be put here..hehe)

~have a wonderful day..

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I stared at my laptop screen for a long time..

I wanted to write but I suddenly found that I couldn’t..

Sometimes I feel like there’s so many emotions inside that make me feel like I want to explode..

Sometimes I feel so empty to the point of I can’t feel anything..

I’m not happy but I can’t say that I’m unhappy either..

I just don’t feel like me anymore..

I hope this is only a temporary breakdown..

I want to once again smile like I mean it..

To be able to cry if I want to..

To be able to say things I wanted to say..

To stop wearing a disguise that suffocates me..

I’m sorry..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I hope this is not good bye..

It's only another temporary leave u r going to make right?To think back about it.....


During primary school:
Hanan:See you tomorrow!!

During high school:
Hanan:See you again next week on tuition!!

During my matrix year:
Hanan:See you again on holiday!!

Present situation:
Hanan:see u again next year!!

how come our duration of meeting getting longer everytime?

Well what to do...Don't worry 6 years will come fast....I think....hehe..Anyway i include the pics on our last outing together..Sorry I only got one chance of meeting u on ur recent holiday.Wish u safe journey back to Egypt tomorrow..Next year we go karaoke-ing again k?(as my sayang predicted u n Meor will become an addict to it too..hehe)

Hanan n I..

This is the place we ate..My first tyme being there though..Quite satisfactory..

Actually there's more food..Meor sabotaged us by ordering so many things while he only ate french fries(u cheater!!)..At last we ended up on 'tapau'ing things..But thanx anyway for treating us..

I'm going to miss this couple so much..They did look good together(to Hanan congrats for managing to catch a sweet guy!I give Meor an A)

Farewell dear..

Little somethings from village...

Warning:This post is made totally out of boredom..Bare with it!!hehe..

My parents just returned from village today..As usual there's always going to be a little something for me from my grandma..Today's menu is fried jackfruit(i only know that cempedak is called jackfruit today) or in malay we called it cempedak goreng(which i think sounds nicer n tastier than fried jackfruit..Malay rocks!!!)...
I love cempedak goreng..If u think pisang goreng(fried banana) is nice,cempedak goreng is way more nicer than some ordinary fried banana(hehe trying to make pisang goreng sounds lame in comparison)..
My grandma cempedak goreng is surely better than others..It is crispy on the outside,soft,thick n sweet in the inside..Once u eat it the taste will linger on ur tongue n u just can't help but trying to second it until without u realizing it ur body already digest what can be 3 days worth of diet..hehe..but who cares..They were delicious...
So to my friends who is now living outside of Malaysia,it's too bad u can't taste them..But out of mercy i include some of their photos in this post..Who knows if u lick ur dust-filled-computer-screen u might get the taste of it..muahahahaha(evil laugh)


Crispy n sweet..

This is not an ordinary water..It was sent with love by my grandma..hehe..

Ever tried cempedak goreng with chocolate??After trying it i would say we better just leave the cempedak goreng alone..It'll be safer on our tastebuds..

So long for now..I want to continue eating my super delicious cempedak goreng..Even the smell of them made my mouth watered...Nyum nyum..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun in the beach...

Today supposedly we were planning to go to Gambang Water Park..I was so excited to play with water that although i was sleepy out of lack of sleep yesterday,still i woke up early just for the sake of going there..
Unfortunately the water park was not as fun as i imagined it was..I was disappointed..Even a kindergarten playground seems more fun in comparison..So after 5 minutes of just staring at the water park we decided to go somewhere else..
As i already set my mind to play with water, by hook or by crook i still wanted to go somewhere water base..We wandered around at first then we went to Balok beach..
It was soo fun..I can't even remember the last time i swam in the sea(actually it was more to struggling to float hehe)..Though it was hot(we jump in the water at 4 pm) but the water was just nice..It was sticky n it was saltier than salt but still i had so much fun playing in it..

There's a lot of small crab hidden here until i was afraid i that i might step on some of them but they were camera shy..They splatter around when i clicked the cam's shutter..

Whose cigarrete is this??Syibukk je...

Sorry there's not much pictures taken..I was too busy playing n too excited to care bout the pics when i'm in the water..N now i'm too tired to edit them..
But still i think Balok beach trumps gambang water park at anytime..

Friday, August 7, 2009

An empty UMP..

My hallway..I'm soo alone..

Have u ever seen this place empty b4?

Not a single car on the road..

I bet it's going to be spooky at night..

Actually i would like to take more pictures n show how empty UMP is..Not a single person around..It's soo quiet to the point it gives me an eerie feeling. But i'm afraid i'll be caught if i wander around taking pictures..Especially because i'm on forbidden ground since this place is quarantined..
But who knows i might get lucky..hehe..Just wait for my update then..(The wireless is incredible..It's so fast that u don't need to wait for anything including uploading pictures..Might be because I'm the only one who use it..hehe)

Help!!I'm scared..Serve me right for coming back early..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Am I confused??

I don't think so..

I love Thara Liyana Abd Aziz n i love my sayang very much..
One is my soul n the other one is my life..
Both r important n both are well loved by me..
So stop all of these irrational jealousies between u guys n be nice to each other k?
I'm not confused about my love to both of u..I do love u guys most..
Just stop asking who i love most..Sometimes there are things that are unmeasurable by ordinary standards..
Moreover loving someone more doesn't mean that i love u less..

ps to both of u:

Thanx for letting be me..
Thanx for making me happy..
For every smile u make out of me,
n every tears u shed because of me..
Thank u..
Only god knows how much i love u..

sorry if my poem a lil bit rusty..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 words that keep bugging me..

I wonder what make u pop into my minds constantly till i can't even think without u being my main subject..

What make me count days till the day we're going to meet again?

Y am I on the urge of tears wishing that u r here again with me?

Smiling to myself remembering our moment together hoping that we can go through that again??y?y???huhu..

Hearing ur voice through the phone n smsing u 27 hours no longer seems enough..

The feelings of needing u already equal of my need to breath..

Sayang, don't u feel it too? This feeling of wanting to be together?

If u do well, helloooOOO...Come back soon!!!Don't u think it's about time already??(though the holiday's just started hehe)

I didn't do this post for naught u know..It's solely to remind u to hurry come back..

Cause i simply just miss u..

Dear,i hate missing u..
Coz missing u makes me vulnerable..
But if missing u is what it takes to love u..
I'll miss u till the end of forever..(yup love does bring the poetic side of me..hehe)

ps:U better don't put my effort in vain or i'll make u the sorriest person ever..(right after we meet,i tell u how much i miss u n after i no longer suffer from this feeling then i'll kill u..right in these u..)