Sunday, August 16, 2009


Have u ever been to 2 ritual meal of Aqiqah b4?
To tell u the truth i haven't..not in my entire 20 year old life..So this time i was a little overexcited to be there especially because the Aqiqah was done twice in the row..First for my Mak Ngah's grandson n on the second day the Aqiqah was held for my Mak cik Ida's grandson..
I can't comment much on the ritual since sorry to say i slept through the entire blessing ceremony hehe(for those who know me they'll know that i can sleep in ANY condition..) but the food was superb..From the starter to the dessert they were just wonderful that u'll feel like u don't want to stop eating.Lucky me i know the host..Believe me eating in the kitchen is better since all the food source came from there(xpayah nk segan2 makan depan org..).Mak Ngah is definately one amazing caterer..
Okla i don't feel like writing much on this post..Actually there were more pictures but too bad those cameras are not mine n i don't have the oppurtunity to transfer here's some pics taken from my phone..

Baby Iskandar..What a serious face..hehe..

Me n baby faris now now boy..don't be shy in front of the camera..i don't want to take ur spotlight..

me n my cousins(kak rin n sarah)

Me n Hikmah..I don't know y,but lately when i came to Bentong,i met her??hmm....

kak rin n the food..(this pics actually requested to be put here..hehe)

~have a wonderful day..


~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam ramadan al mubarak

mashi_amie said...

~PakKaramu~ :Happy ramadhan to u too..