Thursday, August 27, 2009

Breaking fast with hundreds others..

MPK park..
Kuantanian might be familiar with this place..Located just beside the state mosque it was usually used for sports events like football and net ball.
Never in my entire life that i thought people will use it as a breakfasting spot..Yet that was exactly what we did on our fourth day of fasting..We were not the only one there so u all can stop the speculations that we were dating on ramadhan..We were actually breaking fast with hundred others.. hehe..
We bought our food at a nearby bazaar..There were so many food there..It was nice to see some variety from UMP bazaar.We had about an hour tour there but unfortunately by the time we decided to buy food most of the food were already gone(i really want to try that oblong beef or chicken thingy!!)..
No matter how people came,by family,friends or pair, everyone seems to be very excited waiting for Azan at the park..Me was totally included in that excited category..New experience always thrill me..
I like the view during twillight.The skies are just simply beautiful and that day was no exception..Too bad Aizat didn't seem to be very appreciative of the view..Might be because he was too hungry to care..hehe..
It was like breaking fast picnic style..It was actually a nice activity to try during this fasting month..Since it was located near the mosque it will be easier to continue our tarawikh there..

Searching for a spot to eat..

Told u there's a lot of people there..If ur eyes are good guess which one were us?

Alaa lapar ye..Siannye..Jap je lg berbuke ye..

Azan time..This time voices were no longer heard..Might be because they were being respectful toward azan or might also be because they were too busy munching.. hehe..

So long for now..I got test to study...till next tyme..

ps:should've update this post before..But the internet was slower than snail..siput betulla..

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