Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 words that keep bugging me..

I wonder what make u pop into my minds constantly till i can't even think without u being my main subject..

What make me count days till the day we're going to meet again?

Y am I on the urge of tears wishing that u r here again with me?

Smiling to myself remembering our moment together hoping that we can go through that again??y?y???huhu..

Hearing ur voice through the phone n smsing u 27 hours no longer seems enough..

The feelings of needing u already equal of my need to breath..

Sayang, don't u feel it too? This feeling of wanting to be together?

If u do well, helloooOOO...Come back soon!!!Don't u think it's about time already??(though the holiday's just started hehe)

I didn't do this post for naught u know..It's solely to remind u to hurry come back..

Cause i simply just miss u..

Dear,i hate missing u..
Coz missing u makes me vulnerable..
But if missing u is what it takes to love u..
I'll miss u till the end of forever..(yup love does bring the poetic side of me..hehe)

ps:U better don't put my effort in vain or i'll make u the sorriest person ever..(right after we meet,i tell u how much i miss u n after i no longer suffer from this feeling then i'll kill u..right in these u..)

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