Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy ramadhan everybody!!

I can see that a lot of bloggers already made their post on ramadhan..

Me myself definately don't want to be left out..So what should i say about it?

I just love this month..

I can say that i'm very excited to be in this holy month..Apart from all of those benefits of ramadhan, I don't know y this month always manage to make me feel as if all my wishes will be granted..As a night sky lover i would say that the nights on ramadhan are definately most beautiful..The moon, the stars n everyhing seems much brighter..They are also merrier since people go for tarawikh n the sound al-quran recitation can be heard everywhere..The people also seem much kinder(must be because they are fasting hehe)..It is also easier to wake up in during one third of the night since all the satanic voices that keep persuading me to go back to sleep are all gone..Not to mention our ibaadah quality seems to be improving compared to our usual month.

I also enjoy fasting..Not because i'm a goody person it's just that during fasting i don't need to think about food..Do u know how much eating consumes our tyme?It takes time to buy food,eating it n digesting it..Believe me by fasting we can save lots of our time to do something elses that are more beneficial such as sleeping hehe..i love sleeping..

Another reason of me loving ramadhan is because all the satans, ghosts n their relatives are all tied up(serve u right u demonic creature!!muahahahahahaha)..This means i'm no longer need to be afraid to go to toilet at night alone n wondering what kind of creature skulking under my bed for this entire month..What a bliss..

This is the month that i enjoy most..This is the month when everyone tries to be better..The month that contains thousands of benefits for those who seek it. The month to practice to be good and hopefully the practice will help us surviving another year..Ramadhan is definately the best month of the entire months..

Ramadhan mubarak..Kullu shahr wa antum bikhair..I hope u can enjoy ramadhan as much as i do!!Let us strive to be a better person from this month onward..We can do it!!!yeah..hehe..

ps:~Happy ramadhan sayang..Chiayou2!!

~To all my friends who are not going to celebrate ramadhan n syawal here in Malaysia; padan muka korang!!!muahahahahaha...Jangan nangis2 ye..Miss u all..


Hanan said...

Aku wonder..apsal ko x kena lock up pulak bulan ni eh?
Jgn ponteng pose taw laling!
aku taw ko tiap2 thn mesty ade ponteng pose nyer kn? hahax..
doaku untuk ko sempena pose ni....:
Ya Allah..insaf2 kanlah sahabatku yg sorang nie..(stop bullying people mashi!)..aku sayang dye sgt2 so peliharakanlah persahabatan kami..kurniakanlah dia kebahagiaan yg hakiki (sbb bile ko happy, org sekeliling ko puwn sure akan happy same..)..
smoge Ramadhan ni lebey bererti buat ko wlaupuwn tanpa kami2 yg kat overC ni di sisi ko(ko mesty rindu kat kami2 kn? haha)..Aminn..

p/s: maafla sekiranya doa aku ni x mengikut format/adab yg betul..huhu

mashi_amie said...

Hanan:Aku mmg dh xpose pun..Awal2 lagik..Tu yang sampai boleh lepas ke kero..hehe..
thanx for the prayer..I can feel ur 'sincerity' in reciting it..
Xkire pape pn ak di malaysia ni akan tetap cube berbahagia..hehe
love u too..

white.cempaka said...

patot r puwn..
aku puwn same r x dpt smbut pose..

Aesya said...

xsolat raya lgla ko ek tahun ni..duduk umah tolong berhidangla jawapnya..