Sunday, August 9, 2009

I hope this is not good bye..

It's only another temporary leave u r going to make right?To think back about it.....


During primary school:
Hanan:See you tomorrow!!

During high school:
Hanan:See you again next week on tuition!!

During my matrix year:
Hanan:See you again on holiday!!

Present situation:
Hanan:see u again next year!!

how come our duration of meeting getting longer everytime?

Well what to do...Don't worry 6 years will come fast....I think....hehe..Anyway i include the pics on our last outing together..Sorry I only got one chance of meeting u on ur recent holiday.Wish u safe journey back to Egypt tomorrow..Next year we go karaoke-ing again k?(as my sayang predicted u n Meor will become an addict to it too..hehe)

Hanan n I..

This is the place we ate..My first tyme being there though..Quite satisfactory..

Actually there's more food..Meor sabotaged us by ordering so many things while he only ate french fries(u cheater!!)..At last we ended up on 'tapau'ing things..But thanx anyway for treating us..

I'm going to miss this couple so much..They did look good together(to Hanan congrats for managing to catch a sweet guy!I give Meor an A)

Farewell dear..


Luth Textile said...

dah org belanja, makn je.. hehe..

btw, slm kenal.. jom tuka link

amirul.hanan said...

mashi!!mish u already...huhuhu...
enche meor je ke dpt A? aku tadew? neway,thanx 4 every single things dear..kem salam kat your sayang k?
kami puwn hope leh karaoke-ing ngan korang agy..besh..walaupuwn kami ta pndai nyanyi macam korang..hahahax..

mashi_amie said...

nk bagi ko a buat ape?tp aku musykilla..kalau ko amirul.hanan,meor ape?xkan hanan.amirul kot..xmachola..alaa merendah diri konon..tgk2 pasni aku n sayang aku nk pegang mike pn xdpt..hehe..
mish u too..balik cepat2 tau..

white.cempaka said...

hoho..a as meor's gf la..xp
ermmm..biar dye gune name dye la..meor amirul or meor hanan or ape2 jelar name yg dye na gune..huhu..
ehehe,xpe2..nnt awal2 mesty kami malu2 lg na nyanyi so tym 2 korang nyanyi la puas2..bile korang da terbatuk2 n suara da ilang, barular kami amek aleh mike 2..amacam? ok x?