Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little somethings from village...

Warning:This post is made totally out of boredom..Bare with it!!hehe..

My parents just returned from village today..As usual there's always going to be a little something for me from my grandma..Today's menu is fried jackfruit(i only know that cempedak is called jackfruit today) or in malay we called it cempedak goreng(which i think sounds nicer n tastier than fried jackfruit..Malay rocks!!!)...
I love cempedak goreng..If u think pisang goreng(fried banana) is nice,cempedak goreng is way more nicer than some ordinary fried banana(hehe trying to make pisang goreng sounds lame in comparison)..
My grandma cempedak goreng is surely better than others..It is crispy on the outside,soft,thick n sweet in the inside..Once u eat it the taste will linger on ur tongue n u just can't help but trying to second it until without u realizing it ur body already digest what can be 3 days worth of diet..hehe..but who cares..They were delicious...
So to my friends who is now living outside of Malaysia,it's too bad u can't taste them..But out of mercy i include some of their photos in this post..Who knows if u lick ur dust-filled-computer-screen u might get the taste of it..muahahahaha(evil laugh)


Crispy n sweet..

This is not an ordinary water..It was sent with love by my grandma..hehe..

Ever tried cempedak goreng with chocolate??After trying it i would say we better just leave the cempedak goreng alone..It'll be safer on our tastebuds..

So long for now..I want to continue eating my super delicious cempedak goreng..Even the smell of them made my mouth watered...Nyum nyum..

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