Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things that aren't suppose to do on first day of ramadhan..


Mask on everyone..But it surely didn't stop us from singing..hehe

Me and intan..It had been awhile since we hang out together..She totally rocks today..hehe..

Wani and her tracksuit..

2-Wasting money..

I really shouldn't buy anymore clothes..But which one do u think is better?hehe..

We r not thieves..We r just here to shop..

I'm having fun!!Told u ramadhan is fun..But i'm not celebrating it the right way..
I know what i did was totally deviated from the things that i suppose to do on ramadhan but still the temptation is too high..I lost with myself..~sigh..

Actually this morning Wani asked me if i can drive them to clinic since intan was sick..
I swear it was totally not in our plan to drive until Kuantan..We totally were not planning to go Karaoke-ing n shopped around buying clothes n things to waste money..Wani was wearing her tracksuit for crying out loud..

But still as always when i'm with Wani we never could just go to a place n only do a thing..She do the planning n i do the driving..What a pair we make..Although Intan was sick but since she was also as 'sengal' as we r,she agreed to the wholething as long as we agreed to wear mask first.

Hopefully i can make it up tonight..I do want to be a become a better person through this ramadhan...

Happy fasting everyone!!


Aesya said...

Yup those are really the things that u aren't suppose to do on ramadhan..

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

Itch to say it! but.must.respect.other.people.

I say it when you are here.

Arent you gonna buke puase kt umah ana? next year most probably i wont be here anymore.

mashi_amie said...

to was totally an accident..

mashi_amie said...

Anti jahat!!!Guna ayat sedih..u know ana sedey bile anti xde kat sini..xpe2 i'll try to pegi umah anti bukak pose kat situ ye..
ana rindu anti sgt2..