Thursday, August 13, 2009


I stared at my laptop screen for a long time..

I wanted to write but I suddenly found that I couldn’t..

Sometimes I feel like there’s so many emotions inside that make me feel like I want to explode..

Sometimes I feel so empty to the point of I can’t feel anything..

I’m not happy but I can’t say that I’m unhappy either..

I just don’t feel like me anymore..

I hope this is only a temporary breakdown..

I want to once again smile like I mean it..

To be able to cry if I want to..

To be able to say things I wanted to say..

To stop wearing a disguise that suffocates me..

I’m sorry..


Zu_ika said...

What's wrong honey?Never had i seen ur post this down b4..
U worried me..
Do email me please..

Anonymous said...

Nape mcm ni sayang..baru bape hari xcall xkan dh rindu kot..hehe..gurau je..marah ur syg nnti..i'll call u this weekend lepas i abis janji jgn nangis2 mcm ari tu tau..i takut..sorry xdpt msg u..kat sini phone line xde..meanwhile take care of urself okay?

jannah said...

la tahzan ya ukhti..innallah ha maana..i hope i see ur happy pictures again..

amirul.hanan said...

kowt ye puwn ko frust x dpt ikot aku, xkn la smpai down cm nie kowt?
huhuhu...sabar ye cayang..biase ar life ade pasang surut..
ape2 puwn jadi, aku tetap cayang ko..cewwah! jiwang laks..ehee..cheer up my dear..

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

Wut's wrong? You never been so down. Wait for me! I'm gonna be there.

mashi_amie said...

I just sent u email yesterday..hoping to heard from u soon..

mashi_amie said...

Taqi:banyakla..mane ade i nangis..tu selsema je ye..ulang kembali selsema je..suke nk exaggerate's ok..apology accepted..u dh call pn kan..

mashi_amie said...

jannah:syukran ya ukhti..uhibbuki jamman..

mashi_amie said...

hanan:tula ko sape suh gi jauh2..hehe..nway thanx for caring..miss n love u too..

mashi_amie said...

Serious?u r going to come here?to ump?oh pliz do so!!i really want u here..somehow u always manage to make me feel better..mish u so much..
this week schedule:isnin n selasa malam ana free,rabu totally free,khamis n jumaat wholeday anti dtg jela bile2.i'll make tyme for u..