Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet september..

I'm a lucky person..Do u know y?
It's because i have those who are very dear to me..Coincidentally most of them were born on the same month..This is surely my sweet September..

Sweet september everyone!!!

5 September 1988
This is Fatihaf.. We didn't know each other long but we were definitely instant friend. She has this ability that can make people say even the most guarded secret with her.. Maybe it's just because she can be trusted..She's friendly but not overly so and she can blend well with people.She's the one who thought me how to eat hot stuff..

22 September 1989
This is Zalila or sometimes i just call her Ila..We were friend since high school..I never know that she actually didn't like me so much in high school since i got in a relationship with her crush(i swear i didn't know it on that time she can be very secretive if she wants to) until she told me so during our matrix year..Since then we become close..We eat,we sleep we do lots of crazy things together..Matrix was fun only because of her.She might seem to be very quiet but once she has something to say she just couldn't stop..She was funny that way..hehe..

24 September 1989
Intan Syafinaz..Even her name sounds glamourous..She's pretty n she has beautiful voice..She's also very kind n fun to be with..She can be quiete stubborn but she will listen to the advices given to her..People are easily attracted to her especially guys because she is just nice..She know how to treat people well..She's one of wani's roommate n i become close with her since i stay in their room last sem..

'My name is nurul syazwani binti rohaimi..You can just call me syaz.."This is how wani will introduce herself to people..Until today i refuses to call her that n always sabotaging her introduction buy insisting people to call her wani to. She can talk non stop for the whole day..Whenever i'm with her we will talk n talk n talk oblivious to the surrounding.She don't like to find friends but once u r her friend she'll be loyal till the end..I'm lucky to become one of them..

All of them are as crazy as i can be..We do lots of stupid n fun things together..They made my life more colourful n meaningful n give me a lot of beautiful memories..

Happy bestday guys..
Hope our friendship will last till the end..
I love you all...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Riangnya raya-cucu majid's versions..

Raya was fun..Especially if u got a family like mine..Just see it for urself..hehe..

Still as always Acap manage to steal our spotlight..

Atuk came down to check on us..Maybe he was afraid we were going to tear his shack apart..

Ooo did u guys see that??

Raimi the assistant photographer along with the lense..

Mighty2 Kak Chah..

U can see that we still follow the tradition of forgiving n the giving of 'duit raya' session..

Up..up to the sky!!!yeay....

Us at the fish pond..

Me,Kak Chah,Eqa n Along..

Senyap2 nk bakar mercun sbnrnye ni..

Hehe Jamun pn nk raye jugak..

Graceful lady in the pic:Kak Lin,Kak Atie,kak Iefa,me(just pretend that i am this time will ya?) n eqa..Cute kids:farish n Acap

Abg Ijan n the kids..

Hot chicks on the loose..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why we shouldn't have wifi during raya holiday..

This was the phenomenon i saw on my first day at kampung..
Macm2 jenis laptop ade..Merata2 n bersepah2..Bukak jela kalau nk berinternet..Xpn movie..Dahla laju..

Raimi n Acer..

Kak Lin and Axus

Kak ifah n Dell

RAimi with another Acer n Along with his Apple..

Sempat lagi biarpn berkain batik..

What happened to the old traditional way of mingling n socializing during raya preparation??~sigh
Manela wan xbising kat dapur..Hi tech betul cucu Majid ni..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Over the cloud..

Ever heard that love has it's up n down?
Sometimes it does make tears as my new brand of face moisturizer but
I'm totally above the cloud right now..

I just feel like jumping over the moon..I feel like i can fly over the highest mountain n swim through the deepest sea..I feel like i can do anything even if it's impossible..I'm this happy..

I'm soo happy that i can't wipe this stupid smile out of my face..I'm soo happy that even the stupidest jokes can make me laugh to tears..I'm so happy that nothing can dampen my spirit right now..

The point is i'm just simply happy......
It makes everything seems worth it..

Thanx sayang..U make my day..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Right on the 20th of ramadhan..

I never thought that time can pass this fast..Without realizing it today is already the 20th of ramdhan..It kept me thinking how did my ramadhan actually pass..Did i use this month as much as i should have??The answer is disappointingly no..

It's not that i didn't do any good deeds at all it's just that i don't think it's enough yet..I'm too busy chasing the hectic life of a student in UMP(excuses..excuses..i'm just full of them i know..)
Today is also the last day of bazaar in UMP>meaning lesser food to choose coz lot of stall already closed..I won't miss the food that is for sure but i will miss the excitement of it..It is fun to watch people buy their food for breaking fast..They usually buy more than what they could eat..Remember people fasting it's not all about food..Out of many things it's suppose to teach us not to waste money on unnecessary items..~sigh~..
I would miss the tarawikh..Hopefully i can complete them this month as alhamdulillah so far i did not miss any..(this will be the first u know out of my 20 years life-i should be ashamed of myself i know huhu)I can't wait going back home again as i like going to the mosque with my mom..It is because i like laying my head on her shoulder during prayer after solah n hear her zikr recitation.I felt calmed and loved.All the tense will just go away..What a bliss..

As another normal muslim i also wish for lailatul qadr..Hopefully i can get it this year..Who don't want the best night of a thousand month?
Raya is just around the corner..I haven't found my baju raya yet..I've shopeed to lots of shop but disappointingly the trend for this season is all see-through material which is soo not my type...I really hope by this raya i can find a decent blue baju raya(yes i want blue,i haven't have one yet)..
I looove fireworks..Can't wait to play them with my cousins at my kampung..My head already kept playing the 'balik kampung' song sang by sudirman..But the fireworks in my kampung of coursela is soo not going to be like this one..
Yup this is more to the image of my cousins playing fireworks..Hopefully there's no more shirt burning this year(my cousins had once burned another's cousins newly-bought dress while playing fireworks..Just imagine the noise of her cry..It was newly-bought!!!U know how kids and their baju raya are like..I hope i don't have to go through that again..Moral of the story;don't wear newly-bought dress when u play with fire..accidents happen all the time)
i don't know whether we r going to make lemang this year or not..Hopefully not..It was tiring make me feel hot,sticky n smell of the smokes n i don't even like them!!I will be the strongest suggester to my grandma to just buy them this year..It is cheaper, easier n smoke-smell less that way..
Well that is all of my 20th ramadhan story..Actually i just want to get through my english lab without killing myself(it was bored as a vacuumed space n god knows what i can do when i'm bored) ..So long for now..

Happy ramdhan n Selamat Ari Raya..Safe journey to those whose going to return to their home n a nicely said 'padan muka' to those who can't(especially friends who studies abroad..hahaha)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm an awesome blogger..

Membuktikan betape awesomenya aku,aku di tag sekali lagi dr Farah(wpn die dh tau aku dh buat mende alah ni)xpe untuk ko Farah aku buat sekali lagi..Hehe

1. 5 fakta menarik tntang pemberi award...
-Aku suke dengar suara dia xtau kenapa..Kalau ckp laju n excited gile..
-Kalau gelak satu ump boleh dengar kot(penokok tambahan cerita yang melampau)hehe
-Aku suke tajuk blog die..sesuai dengan muke die..
-Kuat makan kot..(mengata wani ko pun sama je)
-Follower pertama aku..Thanx for the support Farah..

2. setiap blogger harus menyatakan 10fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya..
Hehe aku dapat syok sendiri cite pasal diri aku lg..

1-Aku pandai simpan duit tp aku lg hebat dalam mengabiskannya..
2-Aku suke buat mende gile..Ajak jela aku mesti aku on je..
3-Aku suke waktu malam..Kalau boleh sume mende aku nk buat malam..Sbb tu tyme cuti waktu tdo aku terbalik..bertuah punye anak dara..Aku boleh xtdo mlm wpn siang aku xtdo tp xleh xtdo siang kalau xtdo malam..mcm mane tu??hehe..
4-Aku sangat2 suke membaca..Bg jela aku buku confirm aku xkacau orang dah..

5-Aku xreti duduk diam sampai kadang2 orang pn pening tgk aku..
6-Aku suke senyum sbb org ckp kalau aku xsenyum muke aku kerek gile..ade ke patut..

7-Aku seorang yang sgt cuai..Selalu tinggal n lupe mende..Nasibla aku dikelilingi org y sentiasa mengingatkan aku..

8-Aku suke jalan pegang tangan org..Kalau tgk aku jalan dgn org mesti tangan berpaut..Agaknya fobia kot waktu kecik selalu terpisah ngan mama..Maklumlah aku kn xreti duduk diam..Aku rase semua shopping complex kt ktn ni wktu aku kecik2 dulu pernah announce name aku..

9-Aku lagi suke main dengan budak2 dr dgn org baye aku..Konon nk jaga diorg kat teman padahal naik turun gelongsor sekali..hehe..

10-Nenek ngan mama aku suke cubit aku..Aku pn musykil kenape..Aku baik tau..

3. anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe ttg mereka...

Idham-bakal arkitek yang sgt rajin membantu temannye..hehe

Nizam-peminat siti yang setia..lebih kurang je dgn wani mamat ni.

wahid-Aleesya dh sebati dengan jiwa die kot..

Kak Nana-senior yang berjiwa mude..

Abg Amir-Tegas tapi baik sbnrnya..

Abg lan-Otomen yang selalu tersilap raksaksa..hampeh tul..

Syidek-Aku suke tgk minah ni kalau die dh start bergaya..Vogue abis..

Abg Bob-dealer cupcakes..nk cupcake boleh tempah kat die ek..

Farah-Aku xkire aku wat due kali ko kene wat 2 kali gak..

ok dh siap second tag..rajin x aku??xde keje tul..

Cheer up dear..

I'm not going to sweetened the truth..
Life's sucks..It's a fact that had been confirmed by lots of people..
But it doesn't always be..
There will be moment that make ur life seems worth it..
Sooner than it seems life's will turn around..
And u'll be back smiling and laughing cheerfully again..
I can't promise that life's will be easy on u,
But i promise u,i'll stay the whole way through..
When u r tired u'll always have my shoulder to lean to,
My hands to pull u up again when u're down,
n do know that i'll cheer for u till the end..
So please don't give up,
Don't break down,
U are never alone,
Coz no matter what u'll always have me..
-Love u-
ps:it's not a poem..that's y it doesn't rythm..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A gift from Serikandi..

Firstly i need to copy this award n paste it to my blog..

I'm done!!

Wani, just admit it i'm not only ur awesome blog buddy but i'm actually ur awesome everything..hehe..
Nway here we goes..

1. 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award..
Perlu yang menarik ke?hehe..xpela aku try..
a-mcm angin..kadang2 boleh jadi sejuk n mendamaikan kadang2 boleh jadi taufan(cehh puitisla pulak..
b-kadang2 boleh jadi mak kadang2 boleh jadi adik yang sgt manja(just jangan menyemak nk bermanja dgn kakak2 aku bleh x?syibukk je..)
c-xsuke cari kawan tp kalau dh jadi kawan die mmg die jaga elok2..
d-geng sengal aku..kalau ngan minah ni ada je mende gile kiteorg buat..
e-suke melalak..kalau kero tu sampai kena rampas mike..hehe..aku rasa kat ump ni xde lg org boleh challenge soprano die..

2. setiap blogger harus menyatakan 10fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya...
a-aku akan ckp ape yang aku rasa..xsuke simpan2,pendam2 takut lama2 jadi dendam..
b-susah nk marah cepat kalau aku tgh marah tu jgn dekatla..
c-bg aku kawan sejati adalah org yang akan berterus terang dengan aku xkira betapa pahitnya bukannya bermanis mulut di depan di belakang mengata.. sbb tu aku kalau kawan dengan orang aku akan ckp lepas je..aku xnk diorg malu depan org lain..
d-mulut aku jahat,ckp xberalas tp aku xguna bahasa kesat..i have better manners than that..
e-ayu,sopan,lembut are totally the words that don't describe me at all..
f-aku suke kalau orang tegur aku..maknanya aku tau aku salah kat mane..
g-aku suka masak tp aku xpandai..still dalam proses pembelajaran lg..sian sayang aku jadi mangsa experimen..hehe..
h-aku tersangat2la kalau datang terjal aku nk menyakat orang sanggup nyorok dlm semak malam2 semata2 nk sergah org..hehe..
i-kalau aku cakap aku sayang memang aku sayang wpn kdg2 nmpak mcm ckp main2..
j-I-AM-HUMAN(tiru aya..hehe)...I got lots of flaws..I rather be rejected for who i am than be accepted for who i'm not..

3. anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe ttg mereka...
aya-my sweet escape..
zalila-nmpak pendiam tp kalau bercakap xreti nk stop..
hanan-kadang2 kering kadang2 tembam..mcm mane tu??
dikwan-adikku yang lg tue dr aku..pelik??
along-syampoo yang busuk..jgn marah long..
eyqa-budak kecik yang comel
wan-he n his famous last word..
kak hana-64% resemblance with Leonardo Dicaprio..hehe..
niza-muke garang tp kalau senyum sweet sangat..
paie-kecik2 cili padi..

I've done my part!!Till later..ciaou..