Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cheer up dear..

I'm not going to sweetened the truth..
Life's sucks..It's a fact that had been confirmed by lots of people..
But it doesn't always be..
There will be moment that make ur life seems worth it..
Sooner than it seems life's will turn around..
And u'll be back smiling and laughing cheerfully again..
I can't promise that life's will be easy on u,
But i promise u,i'll stay the whole way through..
When u r tired u'll always have my shoulder to lean to,
My hands to pull u up again when u're down,
n do know that i'll cheer for u till the end..
So please don't give up,
Don't break down,
U are never alone,
Coz no matter what u'll always have me..
-Love u-
ps:it's not a poem..that's y it doesn't rythm..


n@na arizon@ said...

meaningful.. =)

mashi_amie said...

kak nana:thanx..

n@na arizon@ said...

dun call me kak nana la..
nana je..

im just 16 la..

mashi_amie said...

bukan kite dh setuju ramai2 ke pangkat kak nana dh jadi nenek??hehe..

nana arizona said...

duste belake..


Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

Awwwww~ Thanx shi-chan

(suare ati kecik: I know it's not for me, n i know it's ur counterback but saje~ hahahahah)