Monday, September 21, 2009

Riangnya raya-cucu majid's versions..

Raya was fun..Especially if u got a family like mine..Just see it for urself..hehe..

Still as always Acap manage to steal our spotlight..

Atuk came down to check on us..Maybe he was afraid we were going to tear his shack apart..

Ooo did u guys see that??

Raimi the assistant photographer along with the lense..

Mighty2 Kak Chah..

U can see that we still follow the tradition of forgiving n the giving of 'duit raya' session..

Up..up to the sky!!!yeay....

Us at the fish pond..

Me,Kak Chah,Eqa n Along..

Senyap2 nk bakar mercun sbnrnye ni..

Hehe Jamun pn nk raye jugak..

Graceful lady in the pic:Kak Lin,Kak Atie,kak Iefa,me(just pretend that i am this time will ya?) n eqa..Cute kids:farish n Acap

Abg Ijan n the kids..

Hot chicks on the loose..



Haha...yup...cucu majids definitely won't miss the ari raye fun rite...rugi la sape xde ms 1st raye tu...hehehe

AdjLa said...

wah wah wah,
posing sakan ek..

~salam kenalan!

pelangi anak said...

Wouw....special pictures!

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

Hye there cutie, <3 the 6th last pix.