Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet september..

I'm a lucky person..Do u know y?
It's because i have those who are very dear to me..Coincidentally most of them were born on the same month..This is surely my sweet September..

Sweet september everyone!!!

5 September 1988
This is Fatihaf.. We didn't know each other long but we were definitely instant friend. She has this ability that can make people say even the most guarded secret with her.. Maybe it's just because she can be trusted..She's friendly but not overly so and she can blend well with people.She's the one who thought me how to eat hot stuff..

22 September 1989
This is Zalila or sometimes i just call her Ila..We were friend since high school..I never know that she actually didn't like me so much in high school since i got in a relationship with her crush(i swear i didn't know it on that time she can be very secretive if she wants to) until she told me so during our matrix year..Since then we become close..We eat,we sleep we do lots of crazy things together..Matrix was fun only because of her.She might seem to be very quiet but once she has something to say she just couldn't stop..She was funny that way..hehe..

24 September 1989
Intan Syafinaz..Even her name sounds glamourous..She's pretty n she has beautiful voice..She's also very kind n fun to be with..She can be quiete stubborn but she will listen to the advices given to her..People are easily attracted to her especially guys because she is just nice..She know how to treat people well..She's one of wani's roommate n i become close with her since i stay in their room last sem..

'My name is nurul syazwani binti rohaimi..You can just call me syaz.."This is how wani will introduce herself to people..Until today i refuses to call her that n always sabotaging her introduction buy insisting people to call her wani to. She can talk non stop for the whole day..Whenever i'm with her we will talk n talk n talk oblivious to the surrounding.She don't like to find friends but once u r her friend she'll be loyal till the end..I'm lucky to become one of them..

All of them are as crazy as i can be..We do lots of stupid n fun things together..They made my life more colourful n meaningful n give me a lot of beautiful memories..

Happy bestday guys..
Hope our friendship will last till the end..
I love you all...

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