Thursday, October 29, 2009

Like a bird..

“Have you lost ur mind??”

This last few weeks I had been asked this question a lot..Well, am I? I have no answer to that. It depends on what people think of me..If they think I’m crazy let it be.. maybe I am n maybe I’m not..honestly I don’t give a damn..

If what I did categorized me as crazy I rather be called crazy my entire life..

This ‘craziness’ of mine set me free.. Free from what?? It’s for me to know n for u to find out..if u can..hehe..

Right now I feel like I’ve been given a pair of wings..It’s hard to learn how to fly, it’s a new thing n people normally walk..they don’t use wings to fly.. But I want to learn to..I want to do it although lots of people say I can’t.I know what I’m doing is different from what people normally did(well not every people just those I usually mix with) n lots of people can’t quite accept it but what I’m trying to tell here is that I’m happy..I simply am..I’m happy with my choice.I feel me again..Not trying to be like a certain her or a certain him anymore..I don’t say it was an easy choice..I need to start new again.. I fell a lot n I know I’m going to fall a lot more if I want to succeed..But it’s nice to feel like u have the control of ur life not just following the path I suppose to follow like other NORMAL people..told u in my fs normalcy scares me..N this adventure I took thrilled me..What life without excitement..Not that kind of wasting money, laughing on stupid jokes, hanging out uselessly type of excitement..It was life’s worth of excitement. It’s fun to be different. I know this path I’ve taken is a hard one..If anything I’m not stupid..But like miley cyrus said in her movie..Life’s a climb.But the view is great..I’m going to enjoy the view as much as I can..

Right now I’m thankful..I can’t tell how much I thank Allah..

I’m thankful to Him for giving me parents like mine.. Though I almost gave them heart attack they still support me n try to understand..I know this is hard on them but still they stick with me n love me n accept me as difficult as it is..

I’m thankful to Him for giving me a sister like mine..Though she was disagree she back me up so that I’m happy..

I’m thankful to him for my giving me my sayang..I thought he would run away as he found out how crazy I could be yet he stick with me through my tears n laugh..From beginning to the end..He calmed me n my parents though he himself couldn’t quite accept what I did..Though he didn’t like it even a bit n one of the strongest objector still he let me do it to make me happy.

I’m thankful for giving me Aya..

She makes me feel complete..

you know, not lacking,

I do have flaws,

But she makes me

This is exactly her to me although this is actually quoted from her blog..Didn’t know for whom it was actually dedicated to though..

I also am very thankful to friends who supported me..UMP friends Wani(ko mmg sgt mengharukan) n her roommates, Fat(sorry for making u cried n thanx for sticking by) n everyone that I’ve troubled before(Along thanx..I’m touched)..

Love you guys so much..

Well this is definitely not last from me..ciao..