Monday, November 9, 2009

my knight in shining armour..

Adela satu hari tu sedang2 aku kemas rak tetibe seekor cicak jatuh depan aku..Aku pun ape lagi "Waaa cicak!!!' n terus melompat jauh dr tempat tu..Musuh ketat aku tu selain dr Mr L n Cik Ti..Xsangka aksi spontan tu dilihat oleh Azri,murid kelasku yang sangat manja dengan aku.Pantang jumpa mesti aku dipeluknya..
"Teacher,teacher nape teacher jerit?Teacher takut cicak ye?"
"Haah..dulu ade cicak pernah masuk dlm baju(aku mmg anti dengan binatang yang pervert ni..lagi satu mr L pernah panjat kaki aku)..So teacher xsuke."(mmg prinsip aku jujur dengan budak2..aku pantang tul dengan org y suke tipu budak ni..kesian budak tu..nnti dh besar diorg jadi susah nk caye ngan org)
"ooo mcm tu ye teacher.."pastu die pun terus lari pegi main dengan kawan2 die..

3 hari selepasnya..
azri:teacher..teacher..azri ade gift untuk teacher..
aku:yeke?azri nk bg ape pulak kali ni?(die mmg selalu bg aku gift..bunga y die petikla,gula2, kapal terbang kertas..budak ni mmg sweet)
azri:y ni teacher kene ikut azri..jom kite gi playground..
dengan penuh keheranan aku pun ikutla..tibe di playground aku tgk kat pagar tu dikerumuni budak2..
ya allah kat pagar tu tergantungla seekor cicak mati..
azri:teacher nila hadiah azri untuk teacher..lepas ni mesti cicak2 lain xberani kacau teacher dh..teacher simpan ye..(dan die pun terus pergi meninggalkan aku bersama cicak yang mati tu join kawan2 y sedang bermain)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heaven's garden..

Kids are brats..They are annoyying n noisy n sometimes u will wonder whether they are the devil's weapon to outcome u..These are facts..It is proven..if u don't believe me try to lock urself with at least ten of children under 6 years old for a day..Then u tell me that my fact is just another bullshit made by unreasonable mind of people who had been driven nuts by the kids(i might be one of those u know)..

If i feel like that why did i insist to stay here n looking forward on meeting them every single day?

Well it's because though they are undeniably all of the above they are also the sweetest things on earth..They are like chocolate though it's a little bit bitter, it's sweet,calming n is able to make u happy(all the that endorphins it triggers) if the migrane didn't come to u first hehe...
They made my day here..On the first day i came here,i wonder y did the principle called this place heaven's garden..It was seriously looked more to hell with little devils scattering around..But day by day in a little corner of my heart i admitted that this place is true to the name.This place is full of laughter n innocent cute little beings..U can't help but smiling around them with all the cheerful vibe spreading in the air..I also get a lot of love here..I got hugs n kisses everywhere i go..They screamed my name n is eager for my attention..They surely do know how to get into people's heart..

There's also few things i learned from them on how to be as cheerful as they are..
1-laugh when u r happy cry when u r sad
2-forgive n forget the mistakes people made to u
3-tell other people problem inside u..don't keep it in ur"teacher, ainul dengan zakiah kan tadi kan die xnk kawan saye..."
4-exercising..move a helps in producing more endorphins to make u happy(kids are just restless)
5-rest when u r tired(they can sleep almost anywhere)

I think enough for now..will try to put more later..ciaou.