Friday, December 11, 2009

One rainy sunday..

I was living in the east coast of Malaysia..Rain is no longer an obstacle to anything..No matter how hard the rain is,the activity will go on..We surely didn't mind to be a little wet.After all this kind of day is what exactly umbrellas are made for..
On last rainy sunday was my abang wan reception..His house was actually one of the few house in his area that didn't get flooded.Lucky us our convoy was all of MPVs so the flood didn't stop us in the way..

It's a simple event n i didn't take lots of pictures due to the rain(didn't want my camera to get wet).We all came in black not because of we were mourning or anything it's just that black made the rain drops and the wetness of our clothes less visible n we do look kind off cool in them..That little boy beside me is my brother Ijat..He was adopted by my dad since his late father was my father's best friend..he sometimes join us on our holidays n for this school holiday he's staying with us since my sister is home waiting to be post as a teacher this January.

To entertain Ijat after the reception we went to the Dinotrek..He was dying to go there so did my dad(he always love this kind of odd thingy) so we did a little family tour there..(too bad my sis and abg wan couldn't join us though the wanted to go too as they can't possibly left their own reception)

Wrong emotions..Should be a little scared of the T-rex..It does look n sound real though..

Ayah n mama helping Ijat with his puzzles..

Ayah looked like he was enjoying himself with the game as mama was cheering him off..They surely can be kids sometimes..

Me and mama n a big dinosour behind us..If the dinosour was big,how come we seem to be completely blocking it?Who was bigger actually?(i'm NOT going to let this thought bug me..)

He kept blaming the computer for telling him he was wrong when he was actualy right..Sian adik akak ni..

Me and Ijat and the mechanical dinosour behind us..We can programmed it to move it's head,eyes n body according our wish..Kind off cool actually..

Ijat n his little souvenir..(His pic seems dull n boring cause he was afraid to smile as we kept teasing him of his rotten teeth..hehe)

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ngeh2...kuantan banjir ke...i tot the raining wasn't dat bad there...luckily cni x bnjr...and now it's damn hot la plk...huhuhu...