Friday, December 18, 2009

What I've learned..

I learned...

That I can't force a person to love me,

I can only do somethings for the one i love..

I learned,

That i'll be treated exactly like i treat other people,

Giving is always better than receiving..

I learned..

That i need years to build trust,

It it only take seconds to destroy it..

I learned..

That my best friends are always with me,

We do a lot of best things together,

And we have lots of best times together..

I learned..

That the one who I consider the villain in my life,

Is the one who often inspire me n give me guts,

The one who show me my weakness n dare me to be a better person..

I learned..

Friendships that are connected by heart,

Although are separated by distance,

Will only bloom more beautifully by time..

I learned..

That if a person didn't shower me with his attention as i wanted,

Doesn't mean that he doesn't love and care for me,

He just has his own way in loving me..

I learned..

That as wonderful as a person is,

He will has mistakes,

so i must always be ready to forgive..

I learned..

That i need to learn how to forgive my self and other people,

so that i won't be living in guilt,

so that i'll be free from negativity inside me..

I learned..

That two person can see a same thing,

But have different opinions about it..

I learned..

That people around me can influenced me,

But I need to be responsible in decisions that i made..

I learned..

That it doesn't matter what i have,

But what does matter is who i am inside..

I learned..

I need to choose,

whether i want to control my attitude and emotions,

or i let my attitude and emotions control me..

I learned..

That i have right to be angry,

but it is not an excuse for hatred and rudeness..

I learned..

That failure doesn't mean the end,

It means starting over..

I learned..

If i love someone,

Love him wholeheartedly,

Cause even if he is not for me,

At least i won't have any regrets on the day after..

I learned..

That i need to prioritized those i love before me,

Because they are my everything,

Make others happy although i am actually in pain,

Love is wanting to make your love one happy.

I learned..

That if we repay evil with kindness,

Allah has his own ways in repaying back our kindness to us..

I learned..

Even in my greatest despair,

When i was alone and feel lonelier than ever,

I was never alone,

Allah is always with me and he has great plans for me..

Hardship is not the sign that he hates me,

But it is a way to bring me closer to Him.

This is what i've learned..

This is me..

I rather be hated for who i am than be accepted for who i'm not..


white.cempaka said...

live life to the fullest n never regret..
luv u dear..
be strong as always ya..
*hugs n kisses*

p/s: aku doakan semoge impian 2 tahun akan dtg ko tu termakbul..the sooner the better, as long as i could be there on ur day..ameen..

mashi_amie said...

hanan:aaaaaaaaamin...luv u too dear..thanx for ur wishes..

Ida said...

ni buat sendiri ke atau kau kebas kat mana-mana?

mashi_amie said...

ida:aku wat sendirila..xnmpak bahasanya berterabur?

Anonymous said...
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