Friday, December 18, 2009

Q& A sessions..

So here's a general answers to all of the questions that i've been asked lately..
Where am I and what i've been doing lately?Why didn't i post anything in my blog anymore?
-I've finished my two month in Annizah's kindergarten as agreed with the owner(it was one sad parting.. I love the kids..They were just heart-warming)-didn't post about it cause i left my cam's cabel at kuantan so i can't upload the pictures..
-i started working with 3I group(will explain about it in later post) on 11th dec..
-I am a PA to Datin Wan Syamsiah Wan Mohd(i called her Mak Long.She is not related to me but it's just that everyone i know called her so) who is going to open a travel agency n a green cafe which are going to start operating this January..So my schedule is quite pack.
-Right now i'm in our office in Permaisuri business centre,Kuala Lumpur still trying to sort things out before our opening ceremony..
-I stay in between two places now(one is Mak Long's house in Bandar Tun Razak n the other one is the one that is rented for me in SS2 PJ)
-I just came back from our 5 days Pantai Timur tour(We went to most of the tourist centre in the east coast n it was quite splendid actually..The east coast of Malaysia is just beautiful-again i still can't post about the tour as i can't upload the pictures..)
Have i quitted studying??
No i'm not...I'm a student till the end of my life..It's just that i still trying to figure myself out..To those who understand,thank u n to those who don't just back off will ya?
How am i doing right now?
I'm doing great actually..Trust me i'm not bluffing..I learned lots of things,meets lots of different people,went to lots of different places n experienced lots of exciting things..Right now i'm living to the fullest..It's just that i'm too busy to upload it all in my tiny blog.
Have i gone mad?
I probably am..So what??

So i think i've summed them up quite splendidly..hehe..
To those who love me thank u..u guys are the best..
Happy new year everybody...

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