Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I wrote this especially to u iseult n do know that i miss u too..

I'm sorry i didn't have time for my blog lately..I was busy chasing life..
I got lots of positive comments lately..They said i look happier and more cheerful than before..Well i actually do feel so..
I don't stay at the same place, do different jobs everyday, working almost 27 hour a day, having only slightest bit of rest, yet I'm happy..I feel alive..I feel like a kid who was so eager to learn everything that i can reach to.
But the real reason I'm happy is because i have my sanctuary..When I'm exhausted that i feel like my feet couldn't carry me anymore i close my eyes and think about my sanctuary n instantly i got my strength back..Or whenever i was with my sanctuary it was like a boost to my energy so that i can do more with myself..

And to my family n friends..U are my sanctuary..Something that i can hold dear n look back knowing that u will be there..That u'll give me ur support all through the way..With u i can be really genuinely happy..

N i just couldn't thank u enough..Juz for simply being there..

Without all of u..I'm no more worthy than a peck of dust.

Love u all..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy belated bestday Adi..

Wish u a happy year,full with Allah's blessing..
Thanx for making me laugh and smile..
Thanx for being there..
Happy bestday..