Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eating expenditure..

I was quite hungry when we met..i haven't eaten anything yet and it was almost lunch hour..So the first thing that comes to mind when we arrived at the mall is looking for a place to eat..Since i'm the one who was hungry( he had just eaten his breakfast) the choice was mine..While we walked around surveying for a place to eat we met A&W..A&W is his favourite..Since the choice is mine i suggested that we looked somewhere else first so we continue our journey right to the A&W counter(so much for looking somewhere else..hehe)..
him with A&W float..I love the float..
it did made me wonder..sape yang lapar sebenarnya ni??
him with mango passion from starbuck..it was sweet n sour in the same time..not to mention freezing..i got a brain freeze by drinking it too fast..
he was waiting me buying bread at bread story.he refused my offer to buy him one as he was already too full and yet when i gave him a taste of the bread he scolded me for not buying him one as the bread was cheesy, soft and delicious that my mouth watered juz by remembering the taste...(padan muka jual mahal lagi)
big apple.. i love alien..i bought all of them that was on tray..

and after that we also go to a restaurant and ordered char kuey tiaw,kerang rebus n sotong celup tepung..xsempat nk ambil gambar dh makan dulu..hehe..he didn't want to eat them again he was too full but after i tricked him,he almost finished everything that was on the table..(i'm sorry syg for ruining ur diet..hehe)

that was how our eating expenditure goes..full of yummy food..lucky me he didn't mind my weight much(kan syg kan?)

A little side story..We picked Alice in Wonderland as our movie of the day as it was quite a fever now..As always,he was trying to please me by agreeing into that movie while i think Solomon Kane is much more to his type of movies.With it gore and violence...hehe..(my sayang could be quite psychotic sometimes)..For me the AIW was wonderful especially bcoz i read a lot of brithish aristocracy novel that i know how snobbish they can be.. It was all about what's proper n what's not n i could grab most of the hidden sarcasm towards them in this movie..While i was enjoying the movie i suddenly heard a cute and adorable sound beside me n found out that my sayang was already asleep..Awww how cute n how sorry i am for selfishly choosing a movie that i know will bore him to sleep..Sorry syg..I'm touched..Next tyme we'll pick a movie that u like k?

So long for now...I enjoy every second with him..

ps:Towards all the jeans stealer in UMP(in case u happen to read my blog) please don't be so stupid to wear the jeans u stole in UMP or Kuantan or Selangor for ur sake coz the owner might be pissed enough to do the unthinkable on u..consider this as a friendly advice.and quit stealing will u?

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