Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a little early but still....Happy birthday sayang..

This is us..In rasamas...penuh meja ngan food sebenarnya..
Makan pun nk cover..
Comel x...I love black forest..
Suka buat muke..tetibe teringat plak die buat lebih kurang same expression last year..
Last year birthday celebration at Johny..Lebih kurang kan??Rambut je lain..
Me in the gardens..

us in the mirror
sayang in wonderland..
Some dessert for closure of our day..Oreo milkshake,chocolate blended n strawberry choc cake..yummy

 More than anyone i know that his birthday is suppose to be on 28th but i don't care i juz want to be the first to celebrate it.. I was a little devastated actually not being able to celebrate his birthday on time but what to do i'll not be around in malaysia during that here we went celebrating his upcoming birthday earlier than it's suppose to be..Still i have so much fun with him..It's a little wonder whether it was my birthday or him we were celebrating as he was the one who followed my wishes.. Juz being with him make me feel like i'm over the cloud..

Sayang happy birthday..
i know it's early and it's not actually how it should be..
but the rest of it,of us being together..
it's the fate destined on us n nothing feel righter than being with u..
Wishing that all ur wishes comes true...
Always live in The Almighty's blessing..
n hoping that we'll last happily ever after..
love u dear..
sweet 23.

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