Thursday, March 11, 2010

My very own fairy godmother..

Ever heard of Cinderella?If u don't, juz google the name and u will find out a bunch of stories of her..Well today is not about her..It's about her fairy godmother..When i read the stories or watch the movies about her i wonder if there's such thing as fairy godmother..A person who will just magically appear out of nowhere,helping us in the time of need..Well all of those fairy tail fantasy was a fantasy to me until yesterday i just realize that i actually have my own kind of fairy godmother..sort of..but my fairy godmother is a lil bit different from Cinderella's..The most obvious difference is that my fairy godmother is not a she but a he..He also don't have wings and magic wand with him.
His name is Taqwa but i use to call him Taqi since that is much easier to pronounce and he seems to like the nick i gave him..
In what way does he resembles a fairy godmother to me?
Well the stories start from long ago..We had known each other for almost 7 years..We didn't contact each other much but coincidentally when i was in trouble and there was no one else that i can rely on he will be there..There is this one time during my DQ year when i had to come back from kuala kubu baru to kuantan on urgent matters..The day was already about 8 night and when i reach pudu,the tickets were all sold out.Coincidentally my relatives nearby were all out of town n i was starting to be scared as i'm still new in kl and there's a lot of things could happen to a girl who travel alone like me in the middle of this city.. So i checked back my phone directory and suddenly his name pops out in my head..I called him hoping that he still didn't change his number since it was already about a year i didn't contact him n i was lucky he answered it and was willing to help..he asked me to wait in kl sentral while he went through kl looking for my ticket n fortunately for me he found it..
Another story is when i was working in Shah Alam about 3 years after that(meaning that i haven't contacted him apart from wishing happy birthday since then)..There's this one time when i want to go back to kuantan n found out that my purse was stolen..I was penniless without an ic n once again as i don't know who else to call,i called him..Again i was lucky as he was still working in kl and willing to help..He fetched me and brought me to the bus station and lend me some money for my travel..So does when i was having my gastric in the middle of the night,pale from the sickness that i can no longer bear,he came to my rental house and brought me to a doctor nearby..
And not to mention that he always magically called me when i was feeling like no one's there while we haven't even contacted each other before...And although talking to him was ot as wonderful and joyous like when i was talking with my sayang still he calms me..
There's this one day when we hang out together with his cousin's and his cousin's fiancee, his cousin ask him who am i to him and his answers touched me.."This is my little sister that i've been taking care of her since she was a kid..Although she seems so macho on the outside,but she always need to be protected and taking care off.."I never know that he had assumed me as his sister while i was always treated him no more than a mere ordinary friend..I seem so evil and selfish compare to him..

So here's to u big brother..I wish u happy and pray that u will be happily married to ur fiancee this year..Thanx for taking care of me all his while..

A fairy godmother and a brother?i guess i'm luckier than cinderella since i got both..

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